Jurassic world - A fan's thoughts

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So, this post isn't about any particular Jurassic movie but a few threaded thoughts about the series.
When the first movie in the Jurassic series came out, I could not go and watch it. Movies back then changed within a week, especially the English movies. I also did not get a videotape either, to watch at home.

Fast forward to recent times, I binge-watched all the movies and was really looking forward to watching the last part in the theaters when the lockdown occurred. I also would have loved to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movie and the Marvel series.

Sure, we can watch these on the OTT platforms but it is not the same as going to the movies and watching it along with other movie enthusiasts.

I remember the crowd going wild when Iron man and Spiderman appeared on the screen. Of course, the majority were only as old as my boy. The energy of the shouting was cool.

So, what does the Jurassic series mean to you in terms of movie-watching experience?

For me, it was really magic other than the Harry Potter movies, of course. The cast and crew have done a wonderful job in evoking emotions and making us viewers involved in the story and there was never a dull moment in any of these movies.

Right from the scene where the 'Brachiosaurus' is shown to the terrorizing TRex short for Tyrannosaurus rex and the others that come along, it has been an exciting journey.

I still rue the scenes where the Brachiosaurus was left to die on the island. What did happen to the assistant Sara in the 2015 movie?

Critics may say that there were a lot of unanswered questions, especially about the children in the first few movies and why they did not involve themselves in the movies that were released later or what happened to them but I guess it is not possible to mention all of that especially when newer beasts had to be shown and the demand for new stories and scripts. The audience who have watched all the movies though do deserve an explanation, in my opinion.

If you are a Twitter member and you follow the Jurassic franchise, you might remember seeing the latest teaser about a family in a park that had to deal with a beast.

Here is the video if you have missed it.


So, there are more trailers and fan-made ones than ever now and people are so looking forward to the next big one that will probably be released in this year itself, hopefully.

It might seem as if these movies are comic book adaptations meant for those who fantasize but then it does point out to a time when man did not exist and proves to him that he is powerless against nature and the big picture.
There is after all nothing to be proud about anyway.


The above are my opinions and have nothing to do with anyone else. I do not ask for votes or shares.


It exposed the world to the fascinating era of dinosaurs, which is amazing on its own



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