Andor ( new Star Wars series )

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The star wars series we didn't know we needed

In Andor we follow the story of Kassianus Antonaros (Cassian Andor), a petty thief who gets involved in various adventures, during the intergalactic Empire period with Democrats (first six episodes) and with republicans (next six episodes). Cassianos, while looking for his sister, gets into a fight with two nazis who fall for her and accidentally kills them (oops). Unfortunately, the nazis were gestapo agents , and the Empire - especially a terrible servant with many, many obsessions - is worried. The matter ends up becoming huge and Cassian is tasked with being outed by the anarcho-Stalinist assassin/accelerationist Luthian Rachel (Luthen Rael), because he considers him a useful asset for the revolution, giving him the dilemma of either fighting it alone with the Empire, or join the rebels in the Goal. Cassian thinks "hmm, nice revolution to make a franc" and that's how the series begins.

Completely non-objective, it's a masterpiece that (finally) gives real depth to the world of star wars, but it's probably the best intro for people who haven't seen anything from #starwars at all.

Finally, the revolution is politicized in a subtle and serious way and everything that in all the previous Star Wars movies-series seems clichéd or at best aestheticized.

We finally learn how the serfs, the lumpen classes and the proletariat live in this universe, but also how exactly this behemoth organization called the Intergalactic Empire works, wandering through the underworld of an amalgam of multinational capitalism, fascism and techno-totalitarianism (the future us that is, haha ​​;( ).

Directed and scripted, the way Cassian's moral/political development is presented, the strategic conflicts within such a war, the nightmarish bureaucratic operation of the Empire, and of course the concentration camps, is simply the epitome of Star Wars' run (so far) after the acquisition by kolodisney.

Don't come here expecting to see lightsaber battles (hey hey), paranormal phenomena and such, the show doesn't deal with that at all and the likable jedi shentai.

What we think Andor is saying:

Another star wars story with a little more depth.

What Andor Really Says:

Organize in homes, neighborhoods and workplaces - crush capitalism and fascism - no leviathan is invincible no matter how big it seems - sit down think and organize - use your skills not to shitpost and wallow in prolonging your misery - organize and get into the fight wherever you are from.

The show's biggest flaw is that it had the opportunity to give even more depth to the female protagonists instead of following some clichéd stereotypes (the ever-available ex, man saves princess from tower, etc.). However (finally) others besides cis white men have a voice and are having a significant impact on what is going on.

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Andor was the most realistic Star Wars shows yet. How it showed the inner workings of the machine of the empire was compelling and frightening, really.

Yes it was. I really like the things they are doing and how they keep on building in the Star Wars universe

Movies like this are always interesting but most of the time only when you get someone to recommend it to you before you can watch it

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Interesting last paragraph about the flaws! Sometimes they miss some great opportunities to give a popular character more power!


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I love this show. It's fantastic! Plus Diego Luna. ♥