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I had noticed Snowpiercer on Netflix, but was not sure if it was something I would be into. In the end I gave it a go and I am glad I did.

The show is based on a 2013 film that was a comic adaptation. I am not sure I heard about it at the time.

The Earth has become uninhabitable after humans cause a new ice age that no life can cope with. A few thousand people board a massive train created by billionaire Mr Wilfred that can keep them alive as long as it keeps moving. It is not really explain why they have to do that, but it makes for a contained society where we get to see stories of class and control.

The story starts with a murder investigation and the only qualified detective is one of the 'tailies' who managed to storm the train before it left, but are restricted to squalid quarters and tolerated for their labour. They are subject to a brutal regime led by head of hospitality Melanie Cavill who is the only conduit to the reclusive Mr Wilford.

It is very gritty with lots of bloody violence and a bit of sex. It reminded me a little of Game of Thrones, but does not have quite the same budget. The train sets are pretty well done and there are a fair few of them, but the outside views are fairly basic.

The cast is pretty good with a few weaker characters. You get to know them and feel for them, but some may not last long. I hardly knew any of the actors, but nice to see a few Brits.

The story plays with class structure ranging from the rich who get a full carriage down to the tailies who have very little. Order is kept by a squadron of 'jackboots' and punishments are severe. The train has everything from farms to a giant aquarium and a nightclub that may also be a brothel. When we join them they have been travelling for seven years with little sign of ever being able to have any other life.

Sean Bean shows up in season two as the star name and really relishes being the baddie. We get to see several different people lead the train with different ways of operating, but it is always a tough job with hard decisions to be made.

It seems two more seasons are planned. We may get to meet more new characters. I am tempted to check out the movie to see how it differs.

I am still puzzled about the need for and viability of a train that circumnavigates a frozen world and why nobody else could find other ways to survive underground or in space. In most fantasy you have to suspend belief to some extent.

I just watched the first episode of Loki on Disney+. That looks like it could be fun. It has some parallels with The Umbrella Academy with a shadowy organisation that protects the time line. I also want to see the second series of Norwegian fantasy show Ragnarok on Netflix.

What are you watching?


Wasn’t it you that was talking about Snow Piercer a few weeks ago? We briefly chatted about it. Yes, it was you.

Did you really go through both seasons already? Well, that tells me that you liked it.

As I said before, I very deeply loved that movie and show.

I’m wondering who you are referencing as weak actors. I personally had some issues with the acting as well, but that’s an American thing.

I never realized how bad American/Canadian (westerners) actors were until Netflix provided film with high diversity. I grew up watching Hollywood junk with the odd Brit film here and there. I love Brits for the realness. Fast forward to today, I love almost all non Americanized performer (and some American).

About Snowpiercer, some of the actors who seem weak at first do prove themselves later. It seems that their character’s were written to be fortified, emotionless people that later break free from that box.

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I've been watching a few episodes per week and did the last two back to back. Sometimes I just want to get to the end.

I wasn't too sure about Bess Till, but she did improve a bit as it went on. Josie lacked something for me. It felt that character could have done more. I did think Ruth was a great character. With her and Wilford you had a great couple of northern accents. They needed a good cup of tea.

With so many shows being made there are not enough good actors to go around and so you are bound to get some average performances.

I've enjoyed a few foreign language shows on Netflix such as Dark, Lupin and Ragnarok. I don't mind subtitles, but I can at least understand German.




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The 2013 film was really enjoyable, a fresh, gritty sci-fi. Directed by Bong Jun-ho, director of Parasyte.

These days I'm watching fourth season of Mr. Robot, The Sopranos.

I will try to check out the film some time. Has to be a bit more condensed than several series of the show.

I've not seen Mr Robot, but I probably should. Just don't want to have to subscribe to all the services. We have Netflix and Disney+ for now.


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I never saw the movie and I haven't watched the show. I like Jennifer Connely though, she has always been one of my favorites. I am really looking forward to the new movie coming out on Paramount Plus called "Infinite". It looks really interesting.

I've seen some of her movies, but didn't recognise her. She is good in the role though. It looks like some filming is starting up again now. There has been a shortage of new stuff and some releases are delayed.

Yeah, I know a lot of stuff has been pushed back lately. It is happening all over!