Hellbound is an interesting watch

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In case you haven't heard about it yet, Hellbound is the latest Korean Netflix hit, with some claiming it is as good as squid games.

I found the story quite interesting and original while the series touches multiple genres. A bit of horror, a bit of drama, a bit of metaphysical, a bit of detective/police action and plenty of philosophical bs about good,bad, sin etc.

Similar to all the Korean stuff I have watched on Netflix, the production and the casting are top notch. I didn't like much the CGI that was used for the "angels" but I guess this is more of a personal taste.

Hellbound is only six episodes long and I binge watched them in one go. I am sure many will love this series, but personally after the third episode I just watched it to get over with it. It's definitely an interesting watch, it just wasn't something that clicked with me. Also, I didn't like how the series didn't answer even a single question, heck the ending creates even more.

If a second season comes out I will probably watch it...but if it doesn't...well..I won't give a single fuck 😅

Give it a watch, there's a good chance you will love it!


If it's as good as squid games, then I happen to see it.
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Give it a go and tell me what you thought!

I Thought I saw Jackie Chan in that trailer. Damn, the trailer is thrilling, action packed and exciting, it has the american-esque sort of movie action. It's totally awesome, I have to actually check out this one.


season 3 of Narcos Mexico is out, in case you want to watch something that's at least somewhat enjoyable :)


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I thought it was awesome. Definitely binged watched it too. Shows are pretty good at picking up a second season so I expect to see it again soon.

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Yep I am sure many enjoyed it, it just didnt click with me!

I guess this is not a must watch.

It still seems moderate for watching

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I never see series when is Top always see it when the uptrend time past ( Like Squid Game and others )

But for the trailer make you to give a try because is something new and if you look closely to the story you find they try to hit the religions of the world

Maybe I must use Netflix again. We almost never were able to find something interesting....

There are some great Korean stuff amber plenty of old gems!

I'm bored, thanks I think I give myself that shit.