Ok, let's watch the new Resident Evil by Netflix...

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Still on vacations, family hit the bed exhausted from all the swimming and food and big walks we have, so I figured to watch the first episode of the new Resident Evil series that just made its debut on Netflix. Afterall, I grew up with the video games, and the franchise will always have a sweet spot in my heart!

I have watched some of the Resident Evil movies with the sexy redhead (Milla Jovovich) and they were total crap and since this is a Netflix production... Let's say my expectations weren't big when I clicked the play button. 😅

Well, since I have only watched the first episode I can't have much an opinion but so far it looks like an okayish watch. It definitely doesn't feel much of a resident evil thing... Zombies are fast, too much teenage drama bullshit and it's more action rather than horror. And I hate how zombies are referred as "zeroes" by the characters.. No, they are fucking zombies and hearing "zeroes" again and again is fucking cringy!

So yeah, it feels more like it iss own thing rather than Resident Evil.

Other than that the action was good, the acting watchable and the special effects pretty solid. I'll watch some more episodes and hopefully I won't be greatly disappointed.

Unfortunately I made the mistake (?) of reading some reviews and apparently everyone seems to hate the series, lmao. Hopefully it's just butthurt RE fanboys and I won't totally waste my time 🤣


And I hate how zombies are referred as "zeroes" by the characters.. No, they are fucking zombies and hearing "zeroes" again and again is fucking cringy!

It's like that in some TV SERIES. for example in Z NATION, the zombies were called "ZEE" and I found it weird I guess they wanted to personalize their own zombie with an idea of a different name.
Irrespective I should see how the fight scene are.

Yeah it's so cringe. They are fucking zombies

But then I think they didn't want to call them zombies maybe.... They felt they had to develop a creative name for zombies

Oh you're definitely going to have to let me know how this one goes I think it is the same one that I seen and yeah if it is it was about the worst thing ever.

All these dumb remakes are just ending so badly.

It is a shame cuz there's so much phenomenal literature out there to adapt.

I never thought about watching this. I also read many negative reviews and that's the reason never tried it. But after reading you, maybe in a few days ;)

I'll probably watch the rest in the weekend!

Netflix sometimes produce awesome series. Resident evil movies I like a lot, but movies are so short. Now with this tv series it might be more my cup of tea !

it's goona be a total waste of time, just so you were warned :P


Dam with the views you have on holiday that’s the last thing I’d be doing. But since you did…
I also watched the first episode and I’m on the fence about continuing it.

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I should try out this movie sure it's gonna be fun

Wow this movie would be very interesting and entertaining to watch as well

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wen food pics?


Btw I started hating zombie movies since 1000000000 of them are everywhere and in core all the same.