Stranger Things still has it!

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I think at this point Stranger Things needs no introduction from me!

I really enjoyed the three seasons and after a long hiatus of what I think was two years, I just finished the 4th season that was recently released on Netflix.

The long wait was more than just worth it. Imo, it was as good if not better then the other three. And I love what they did with the story, the main villain, and how the tied up everything from what had happened so far!

The first couple episodes are a built slow, but enjoyable and building up to a great finale.

My only complaint is that it felt like the perfect opportunity to wrap up everything and finish the story. To be fair, regardless of how good this season was, it felt a bit cringy to me, due to the aging of the kids. But I guess this cow had some more milk to give so they decided to drag the show a bit or whatever...

I hear season 5 which is coming in 2024 is going to be the last one. Hopefully they won't fuck what has been a great show up to now... Like what happened to got 🥲

If you still haven't touched stranger things maybe it's time to do so. A great show for the young and not so... young!


Yeah this season was fun. Love the "new" villain, great music, and even though the actors are aging out of their roles, I genuinely find a lot of their characters endearing. It's not always realistic but the 80s optimism is encouraging, especially when compared to the modern era's overall pessimism.

Agreed! Such an awesome show! I was hooked from the very beginning in season 1 when the kids were playing D&D, haha. And I am glad that the game has a running theme throughout.

by the time they finish the show "the kids" will be close to retiring age :)))


I made it thru Season 1 then quit

Didn't like it much ?

Just could not get into it..

Stranger things is my favorite series tbh and this season was worth waiting all this all time

it felt a bit cringy to me

I feel the same way but remember teenage are cringe!

My only complaint is that it felt like the perfect opportunity to wrap up everything and finish the story.

It's My Honest Opinion, finishing the whole story in 4th season was not possible at least i think "Duffer brothers" are doing it brilliantly

They didn't wanted to end up wrapping everything so quickly like Game of thrones Ending - Said this Finale of stranger things season - 4, while reviewing or sharing fav parts from season

The whole season took time to build momentum till finale i knew this story is going to continue in a new season

Though waiting for more two years is kinda hard :!

Yeah.... It's gonna be two tough years 😭

I just finished season 4 a few minutes ago and it was worth it, best series for me so far

I concur!

Oh yeah - this season really kills it!😎

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Παππουδιασσμε 🤣

εσυ εισαι πιο νεος μη μιλας....

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stopped at season 3 for meh.

Worth giving it another shoot?


We loved watching this season. We look forward to the last season.

The only thing that bothers me is that they do the Game of Thrones thing of traveling great distances in unreasonably short times. Even the Muppets have the decency of a travel montage to illustrate the journey.

Otherwise, I appreciate that they went back in the story to go forward with the real villain.

What isn't resolved is what the Army is going to do in the next season, how the town is going to recover, and what will happen to Maxine? Will she be a part of their eventual victory? But, then again, Hop is back in town.