Black Widow

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Alrighty Cinians the Marvel Universe has dominated our cinemas for over a decade and they've kept us entertained throughout which is awesome. But now they're branching out and hitting streaming services which is pretty cool. To be honest I wasn't expecting a Black Widow spin off let's face it she's a great Avengers character but when matched up against her rivals and pals, well she's got no super powers. But she still manages to go for as long and as hard as everyone else.

However, her lack of super powers is pointed out in the film with a stab taken at her by her own sister "that God from the sky doesn't need an aspirin after every fight" but she is still an Avenger nonetheless.

So in this in-between Avengers time line just after Sacova accord has been enacted and before End Game Black Widow decides to go off grid. But unfortunately is met with a bit of trouble as her past comes to bite her or catches up with her.

Something about other Black Widows under mind control a evil lab in the sky that no one has ever been able to notice called the Red Room and she's off to free some of the other girls with some magical antidote.


I couldn't quite make if this was her real dad or a fake dad but nonetheless this is her dad, the Russian equivalent of captain America Nick named the Red Guard. You might recall this actor from the awesome Netflix series, stranger things.

I'm not really sure on his purpose in the film as he doesn't really do anything except cock up all the missions and battles. He does fight a mechanical Black Widow but again, doesn't do very well at it.

Obviously his put on weight from being in prison for a very long time.


Which of course the sisters break him out of prison to locate the red room. Again, I don't know why he is in the film the writers absolutely nurfed the character. No doubt they wanted to keep the focus on Black Widow and her sister but why nurf an OP character?

Either way the film was OK, lil miss enjoyed watching it and she's been doing the landing poses ever since which even get made fun of throughout the film too. Lol


It's a typical Marvel film with all the bells and whistles of CGI and death defying stunts like falling out of a space ship and surviving. But we don't really watch Marvel because they make sense do we?

I'd recommend giving it a crack but it's not the best thing to come out. I hope they don't make an Arrow spin off because that will be a waste of time and effort.

No offence but not interested, I want to see fantasy and magic and things I can't relate to.