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The year is 2017 and Netflix begins to expand its online streaming service into also a movie production agency. Typically streaming services that dominated years prior just acted as middle men, yet here we were seeing one go beyond and start creating their own movies.

Bright building on past movies popularity in Sci-Fi most notably Lord of the Rings decided to start with a $US90 million dollar production based on a world where humans coexist with Orcs, Elfs, fairy's and other mythical creatures. The twist?

Instead of being based in a world of old it was brought into the new age world, one a little more darker than our current present.


Netflix managed to secure one of Hollywood's favourite actors Will Smith to play a lead role along side an orc whom has to battle modern day prejudice as he joins the police force and is partnered up with Will's character.

The unlikely duo engage in some racially drivin divisive commentary as Will's character detests being partnered up with such a being.

Wills character Ward becomes further detested at his new partner when he is shot by an Orc to which Ward believes his new partner enabled to escape.


One night while being called out to a disturbance they encounter an extremist group that is trying to resurrect the Dark Lord a creature defeated time ago. They find a girl with a wand which are powerful tools that only Brights can wield and call for back up.

The film continues in a cat and mouse fashion and Ward and the Orc attempt to find out what is occuring while everyone is in pursuit of the wand for its magical abilities. There's a catch, if anyone else uses the wand that's not a bright they explode.

A situation that later on in the film manifests where Ward attempts to kill everyone and save the day by using the wand only to realise that he is a Bright and is able to use the wand.


As Netflix first big budget film it was OK and I enjoyed it, it was a decent attempt at mixing magic, fantasy and Sci fy together in a modern world. I wasn't a fan of the police show style but for all those that don't know. Cop shows are big business and series focusing on detectives do well.

CSI, SVU etc are all long running successful shows with SVU being one of the most successful crime shows. I find it alarming that a show about rape is one that everyone enjoys the most.

Bright II is in development and Netflix almost has a script prepared for it and we look forward to picking up where we left off witg Ward and his Orc partner recovered and being awarded medals for their work, but now in possession of a wand and Ward the ability to use it.

Is it Netflix best production, I think they have gone on to fund and deliver alot more better films and we could do with a stand alone film as I'm not too much sure where they could take it.

But let's hope they ditch the police uniform as a Bright with a wand is going to out do anyone they face off against.

Have you seen the movie? What were your thoughts of it?


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This movie looks so boring.

Haha wasn't the best