Stranger Things a modern day retro block buster!

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Russians! They're on everyone's radar at the moment from their escapades in taken to more recently Nobody an action packed film that's Taken lite 🤣 They haven't missed a beat in this phenomenal block buster that is Stranger Things! And oh wow what a wonderful Netflix series that just keeps getting better and better each episode.


I remember first hearing about stranger things, I watched the trailer and was intrigued by its pilot. I'm not often a fan of films that host kids as their lead. Not saying they're not good but Percy Jackon had epic proportions to be a wonderful film but it was marketed to kids. This is the complete opposite. A movie hosting kids as it's leads but targeted to adults.


Without giving too much away for those who haven't seen the series as yet. A few best mates stumble across an odd occurrence in their town. Little do they know that research facility is in a race against Russians to access an interdimensional world which the kids call the upside down world. It's dark, really dark.

There are monsters and all kinds of weird occurances. This part of the series reminds me of silent Hill. A wonderful game and an epic movie!


The monsters are seriously scary! They eat people and this is the shows main monster character which the show later takes a turn to focus on a shadowy giant spider that seems to want to go after the kids. We have no idea why or why the kids seem to be the ones thrown into it and it isn't until season 3 where other town locals really start getting involved in all the action.


Season 3s main villain the mind flayer named after the dungeons and dragons game. Oh yes this film is set in the 1980s so you can expect the sound track, art, design and clothing to be from that era. Not sure why the 80s but it made it a nice nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The Mind Flayer isn't just big and scary is melts people and grows bigger and has the ability to possess people. That's how it got get to begin with it possesses one of our kids!


The series also has an important aspect to it, there appears to be only one person capable of stopping it and all the other occurring issues in the town. An escaped girl called 11 who was part of the experiment.

The research centre was undertaking experiments on kids with mystical abilities. 11 has the ability to use telekinesis and can do some serious damage. She can tear things apart with her mind. They had to weaken her abit in season 3 or there would have been no film so they just stripped her of her powers.

Without giving away too much of the series I am super pumped for season 4 as it looks like things are really picking up and the story line has exploded in to so many different avenues I have no idea what's going to happen next.

Stranger Things will be a Netflix series that will be remembered for a very long time and if you haven't seen it yet you're seriously missing out!

Stop what you're doing and head to Netflix and binge watch the shit outta this series. You won't be disappointed.

Have you seen Stranger Things? What are your thoughts on it. Yay or nay? For me this gets a 10/10


Getting excited for season 4

I know right! How awesome will it be. The season finale left so much. There is a trailer out for season 4. 100% check it out