The Free Guy - Total Awesomeness

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Fair warning this film is probably not going to be for everyone and I totally understand that, my wife (so boring) got up half way and bailed through it and left me and my kid watching it alone.

So what's Free Guy? Every gamers dreams come to reality or well maybe developers but in essence it's about a NPC that comes to life after it falls in love with a player.


Now don't give the film too much thought on how it all pans out and the limitations of it. Just think of something like Grand Theft Auto mixed with maybe WoW in a world with no limits and lots of missions.

One of those missions is a bank Robbery where players can rob a bank for cash. Must be a low level side mission because it's pretty easy. Well that's until our NPC becomes an AI after bumping into the love of his life. We learn thats the reason that sets him off into his own world.

Unfortunately for Guy he's only just awoken and is too low level to join his new love which she thinks his a player and he has no idea what is happening because he thinks this is the real world.


After defeating an actual player which isn't too much of a odd thing as many NPC's do this in many games but Guy is just a bank teller. He scores himself some pretty cool player glasses which gives him an opportunity to see what the players are seeing.


After going viral for leveling up being a "good guy" the developers in the real world perceive he is a player from the real world who has backed the game skins and commence chasing him. He has no idea what is occuring at this stage and ends up getting away.

After leveling up to 100 from good deeds and growing an international following he reunites with his love as they are trying to break into another top players safe house to find some evidence which will prove that the current game developer stole the game code off other developers.


They get some ice cream share a Kiss and the girl player in real life is a bit confused about what's going on and how the Good Guy can kiss her as there is no button for that and how he can taste the ice cream.

Back in the real world they learn that Good Guy is an NPC that has become 'aware' so the fight is on to save the game as its about to be rebooted.

Anyway, as always I'll leave the rest to you to watch so I don't spoil it but there are a few Easter eggs and epic cameos in this film that I had no idea were in it. Absolutely took the film to another level.

The Free Guy is a fun and entertaining film and I'd highly recommend watching it.

If you've seen it, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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