Ladies of Hive Contest: Which Fictional Character Would You Like To Meet and Why?

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In this week’s contest on the ladies of hive community, we were asked to answer the question “Which fictional character would you like to meet and why” and immediately I saw it, an answer came to mind. I would be giving some hints on who this character is, why I would love to meet him, and revealing who he is at the end, so let’s see if you can guess.

First, it is important to note that I was introduced to this fictional character in a 2009 series titled the vampire diaries, he appeared in the second episode of the first season, and the moment I saw him I knew even at that young age that I was attracted to bad boys. He was so beautiful, yes I am using the word beautiful and his eyes were breathtaking.

He played a pivotal role in the series and he was one of those characters that you want to hate because of how toxic he was but you just couldn’t.

I found myself at intervals wanting to be a vampire and imagining how life would be as his bride (I was a stupid kid, I know) but he was my first crush so you can understand how I felt.

For me, the main reason I would love to meet him if it isn’t clear already is because I am in love with him to this day, and the idea of being with him brings so much danger, adventure, and excitement which I appreciate in a relationship.

In the series, he was the guy who would do anything to save the girl he loved, and who wouldn’t want that kind of person?

If you have gotten to this point and you still don’t know who he is then I am so disappointed, but his name is Damon Salvatore and he was played by the gorgeous Ian Somerhalder and I know a lot of girls who watched the vampire diaries felt the same way like I did.

Attributed to Gage Skidmore

I feel like he was one of those characters who had a lot of growth throughout the series and his ending was a good one.

My brother would always question why I love such toxic characters and the answer is “I don’t know” but I just do and If I wasn’t meeting Damon Salvatore, I would probably choose to meet Niklaus Michaelson from vampire diaries/the originals or little finger from GOT.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic and your answer to the question “Which fictional character would you like to meet and why” and I would be using this opportunity to invite @kei2 to participate in this contest.

Thank you for opening this box of passion


Damon Salvatore and niklaus you've really got love for toxic characters but then both will do anything to save their family and the ones they love. They can be brutal sometimes but they both have a good heart.
I thought everyone loved Stefan though I guess I'm wrong

I just always see good in the bad, which isn't a great trait cause it always screws me over but yeah.

I think everyone hated Stefan though, speaking from the girl's POV, he acted too self-righteous.

Ohh now I get your point. I see the reason you chose dam on, true Stefan was just too self-righteous

...his eyes were breathtaking...He played a pivotal role in the of those characters that you want to hate because of how toxic he was but you just couldn’t...

I already knew you were referring to Damon Salvatore! 😄 I watched the series from its first to last season and the Originals too!

Ian Somerhalder did a great job portraying Damon and so did Joseph Morgan with Klaus Michaelson. I love the series but won't say I'm attracted to them because they were really annoying at some points but I admire them!

Nicely done and good luck in the contest. 😊

They were really annoying but I was blinded by love 😆

Thank you so much for reading and thank you for your well wishes.

I haven't watch the series, but with what you just said about this character I will try downloading it tonight.

Which fictional character would you like to meet and why.

Captain America (Steve Rogers) from the Avengers

He's my favorite and someone I admire greatly, even if he doesn't exist. However, all Marvel fans understand that they reside in our hearts. I would like to meet him and tell him about Natasha, this is another character I admire in Avengers, I'd tell Steve about Nat, I would tell him I want him to go out on a date with her 😋🚶‍♂️.

In Marvel, I would rather meet iron man, maybe he could gimme some money 😆

Never watched vampire diaries...😅

You want to stop being my hive bestie, I see 😪

Lol😅. Haba? I have not really been a film freak. I prefer books and Animes. But for you, I'll look for this one😁

I am a book worm too so I would give you a pass, just this once.

I hated his character when I started watching the series, but as time went by I began to like him.

I still prefer his brother Stefan tho. 😅

And that series was damnn long. I still haven't finished it. 😹

Stefan was self-righteous jare, I could never like him, he was so annoying.

If it is long, what would you say about Smallville or supernatural?

Didn't get to see that part of him.

Those ones?! 😹😹
I stopped watching smallvile at S7 and Supernatural at the second episode of the first season. 😂😂

I hate watching long series.

I understand how you feel oh but if I like a series and it has a good story I won't mind watching till season 20

Ehn, mama o. I hail you o! 🙌😹😹

I can't even make it to 10 seasons. Movies tire me easily.

Always thought his head was too big, sorry 😞

You just made me speechless 😐

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Toxic characters, hehehe 🙃
Thanks for sharing, @khaleesii.
Good luck with the contest.
Friends can help you define your priorities. People tend to pick friends who are similar to them. Because we fall prey so easily into this similarity trap, it is important to try to stretch yourself to learn from some of those opposites. There is some truth to the saying that “Birds of the same feathers, flock together.” Knowing this can help you grow by expanding your range of friends and trying out some new points of view.
Ladies of Hive can be the place where you can grow.

Thank you so much, I truly love the ladies of hive community.

Keep smiling, @khaleesii

I have never watched that show so I had no clue who it was

Who would I want to meet I guess it has changed over the years

When I was young I may have said James Bond

When working in field missions I would have said Macguyver as people often jokingly called me that because of the way I found creative solutions to problems

But today I can honestly say I can’t think of an answer

I found my way here via #dreemport

I think as much as the vampire diaries was popular, a lot of people still didn't watch it so it's fine.

James bond is an amazing choice, watched all the James bond movies.

Maybe you don't have an answer because you don't watch as many movies?

Perhaps thats it, but i think more so I am at the age in life where I have done a lot travelled a lot seen a lot and am happy with my place in life

I can't wait to get to the place you are at, I really want to travel more instead of being stuck behind a screen.


I wasn't a child when I was watching but I crushed on him too
We might have to wrestle for this bad boy hahaha
And those eyesssss

Thank you for sharing @khaleesii

Pick a place, I would be there 😆

Now I can believe what people have been saying... So you truly have a thing fit bad guys?.... Hmm... Anyway, you've got yourself a handful here with Damon in the picture..

Vampire dairy is a seasonal movie I love so much and Damon made it more interesting fit me. I love his character so much and I enjoy his scene the most.... Nice choice.. I pray you meet him someday..

@dreemport directed me to your post

I don't want to meet Ian, I would prefer to meet Damon 😆

Lol... Is he going to change from Ian to Damon just for you?

Yes, yes he will.

Lol.. Let me not say anything.. I wouldn't want to kill your morale..


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