[REVIEW] Aliens: Fireteam Elite - Do you like Aliens? Then you'll like this! And that's not a bad thing!

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I'm going to cut right to the chase here for you: Aliens Fireteam Elite doesn't reinvent the wheel but is really fun to play. It's not the highest quality game ever so it costs $39.99 and, to me, that feels really fair. I grew up on Aliens and, for the most part, this game feels like Aliens. Fragging bugs is fun as hell and co-op PvE is a pretty simple formula. Aliens: Fireteam Elite get's the formula right for the most part and the much loved IP does a lot to get fans to overlook it's flaws.


Did you like Warhammer: Vermintide 2? If yes, there is a pretty good chance that you really like the Warhammer universe. If you are a nard who loves the Warhammer End Times setting chances are you LOVE Vermintide 2. THAT IS NOT A PROBLEM. If you have a friend who happens to be a Warhammer nerd and you end up playing Vermiontide with withm chances are you're going to have a great time and stay for the wild ride, the fan appeal isn't covering a bad game, maybe just a simple one.

Again, Aliens: Fireteam Elite is all of this, but with Aliens. Thankfully, I love Warhammer and grew up on Aliens, so I'm happy. That said, I have notes.

When I was a kid I played the perfect Aliens game. That game is called Aliens Trilogy and I played it on the Sega Saturn. You can check it out below.

If you look in on this game being played you're going to quickly notice it's just a very simple generic shooter with Aliens assets. But the sound design, oh lord, the sound design. Aliens Trilogy pulled sound effects for weapons, doors, aliens sounds, and even the beep of the motion tracker right from the films and at the time that was a really cool idea. What it all came together as was a B+ FPS with A+ immersion. Aliens: Fireteam Elite could take a note from this wonderful game.


I've not played through the entire game but have been replaying the first three storylines repeatedly with multiple friends. At times the game seems to revel in the Aliens IP and, at other times, it seems to really want to be a Prometheus game. It's not just the stylized architecture of Engineer built bases as much as it's the battles with enemy synths and inter-corporation espionage. Thankfully, no matter where you are or what you are fighting at the moment, our much loved Aliens are the main target at all times.


Time will tell how deep the unlock pile is but for the moment I'm unlocking new weapons every mission I complete. My playgroup has experimented with the higher difficulties and noticed they introduce elements like friendly fire to keep you on your toes and playing intelligently. All of us are racing towards these higher difficulties as quickly as possible but, if we have played 50 or 5 hours, we can still all play together. That's a sweet spot that's worth appreciating. The Alien fanatics might be having a bit more fun than those who have never seen the movies but the laughter is contagious and, when you are staring down a hallway full of Geiger-inspired monstrosities, familiarity isn't going to save you.

Thankfully you're pulse rifle will and it sounds almost perfect.


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