What Is The Most Powerful Thing In The World?

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Over the Christmas break I started watching a series called Britannia. It's a pretty well done fiction show based on the second Roman invasion of Britain and their arch nemesis the Druids.

There was a line in the show, Season 2 Episode 4 at 32:30 in, that was quite profound and instantly had me thinking about it. One of the main characters in season 2, The Dead Man/The First Man, asks three boys, "What is the most powerful thing in the world?"

Two of the boys answer with gold and silver. The third boy pauses and answers love. And that sent me into a philosophical trance for a few days. I kept thinking about the question and those words.

The answer leads in many directions, some dark and cold, other's warm, light and universal. A love for a child, a love for your spouse, a love for your pet, those types of love I do think are the most powerful force in the world regarding mankind.

The dark and cold point of view would be love is simply our survival instinct to pass on our genes, self propagation. That however wouldn't explain our love for animals or our love for our parents, grandparents, etc. since they are not necessary for self propagation.

There are many other things or forces that may appear to be stronger than love, for example power, lust, money, but let's do a thought experiment. Say someone has a gun to your head and you have a choice you can give up your fortune, your lust, your power or he will shoot you. I am pretty sure we would all choose to not be shot in the head.

Now, let's say the choice is your life or the life of your child or your spouse, I think most of us would choose to let our spouse or child live, I know I would. That kind of love is a force that can not be broken. It is the most powerful thing in the world and I am glad it rests within me.

What do you think? Is love the most powerful thing in the world to humans?


This looks interesting, will have to check it out! Love over money all day long!

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