DEFI WARS Episode III - The Highly Anticipated Teaser

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Since we all know "Episode I - The Founders" and
"Episode II - A New Cub" of the DEFI WARS
and everybody surely wants to know
how @blanchy's Glass Prison story concluded,
it's about time to present the short fun teaser
for the highly anticipated "Episode III - The Rise Of PolyCUB"
to keep the community entertained while waiting for things to happen soon.

May the force be with us!

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Great piece of movie and I think you should include the leofinance tag in order for it to be curated also by Leo Finance.

Damn, completely overlooked that! 🤯 Thanks for the reminder 👍🏽

Done, but the post lost it‘s thumbnail 😳

@tipu curate

thanks 🖖🏼☀️🤙🏼

I've found my producer with your silky graphics for the film @moretea. How bout it?

What film? Are you planning on making "the white hoodie guy" post a movie? 👀

More a documentary on how the hoodie went from being made in the streets of Bangladesh to being on weekly Leo Finance videos. Bit like Slumdog Millionaire. 😁

Woohoo, Slumdog Millionaire is a good movie 👍🏽 hell of a template …

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