A series will be sequel series on the "Waterworld"

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A sequel to the film "Waterworld" is in development. The tape was released in 1995, and the main role was then played by Kevin Costner.

Producers John Davis and John Fox revealed the news during an interview with Collider, and the project is now in early stages of development with Universal Content. Therefore, it will most likely premiere on the Peacock streaming service.

Dan Trachtenberg, known for "Cloverfield, 10", will be responsible for staging the project. The idea is that this will be a continuation of the stories of the heroes 20 years after the events of the film, so it is possible that some of the actors will return.

Waterworld tells a story in a post-apocalyptic world where glaciers melted and the entire planet was covered in water. According to the plot, the main character, together with a woman and a girl, is trying to get to the cherished dry land.

Kevin Reynolds' film flopped at the box office, but turned into an immortal classic and even formed the basis of a theme park.

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its hard to believe that a movie where a character drinks their own urine in the opening scene could ever flop at the box office

it's even funnier that this was the most expensive film ever made

In 95 when it was filmed the world was different.///
Now it can go like this ...
The woman will turn out to be a trans, the girl is an open lesbian. The guy will be left white - he's a renegade. The cities will be ruled by pumped females, pirates will be gays - who are actually fighting to free men from the slavery of females in the cities.
When the heroes get to the ground, the second season will begin - for the land belongs to Afro-Americans, who miraculously preserved civilization and the memory that their ancestors were slaves. Shouting "for BLM" they will try to loot the boat of the main characters, but not fucking find it there, they will be going to kill the main character, as the PFG appears - a pirate fleet of gays.
Fuck what I'm talking about 😩

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