The Book of Boba Fett - In the Name of Honor, Ep. 7 (with Spoilers)

The season finale of The Book of Boba Fett is here!

After the glorious episode last week, this week came the expected war! So far nothing is known about a second season, but many questions have not been answered so far, so it is likely that we will come back to Boba Fett - either in a season 2 or in some other projects!



The season finale begins in the bombed out Sanctuary. Boba, Fennec, Din and the Mods are there. Din Djarin tells them, that the people of Freetown are coming to support Boba Fett. They decide to stay in Mos Espa, since the Mods refuse to leave the town.

Cad Bane then talks to the Pykes and reports of that they will stay out of the conflict. He then leaves to confront Boba Fett. Meanwhile Grogu arrives in a red-decaled X-Wing at Peli Motto's places and she thinks he is a new republic officer. She is very happy to see him.

At the same time Fennec tells the others, where everyone is positioned, and that this way they can avoid surprises, with the Gamorreans, the Wookie and the Mods patrolling and positioned in different parts of Tatooine. But they are surprised at the arrival of Cad Bane, who reveals, that the Pykes killed the Tuskens, which almost led to an attack from Boba Fett on Bane. But last moment he is calmed by Fennec Shand.

Right after this scene it is revealed, that all families of Tatooine turned against Boba Fett and attack the Wookie, the Gamorreans and the Mods at the same time. This leads to the Gamorreans falling of a cliff, while the Mods are saved by Shand.
The Pykes start to gather around the Sanctuary and Boba and Din Djarin are inside waiting for what is going to happen next. The majordomo tries to negotiate, but neither Boba Fett, nor the Pykes are really willing to - and Boba sends him out with a threat for the Pykes. They both attack while flying with their jetpacks, when the Pykes almost are going to kill the majordomo.
Their armor helps them to avoid being killed by the blasters, but they face to many enemies and get slowed down and it looks like they're going to get killed.


It is just then, that the people of Freetown arrive and shoot them out. Also the Mods and the injured Krrsantan join them and they manage to repel the Pykes. But it is just a stage victory, since when the Pykes retreat they release two Scorpenek droids.
The blaster shoots are useless, as well as the missle's of Boba - all get stopped by their deflector shields. When they attack, they destroy the armored vehicle of the people of Freetow, which leads all of them to flee.
They cannot manage to get the droids down and even the Dark Saber is not helpful. This is when Boba Fett tells Din Djarin, that he should keep the droids from the people, while he is going to get some help.
The Mandalorian is able to separate the droids. While one is hunting the Freetown people, Mods and Krrsantan, the other follows him. Suddenly Motto arrives with Grogu, but they are able to flee on her vehicle, with the droid in pursuit. The droid shoots the vehicle and they are forced to take a stand.

Meanwhile the people of Freetown fight against the other droid and some members of the Pyke Syndicate, but are not really successful, when Drash and Jo climb up on a building to snipe the Pyke members and distract the droid, which allows them to at least win some time.

Just then Boba Fett arrives at the side of the Mandalorian with the rancor and faces the droid - and is finally able to overcome it. Din Djarin can get through to it and attack it with the Dark Saber, but gets thrown down. It is just then, when Grogu attacks the droid and rips out a bolt of the droid with the force.

Then Fett makes way for the other droid and to help the surrounded people. Together they manage to be the droid and the remaining Pykes. But then Cad Bane arrives and manages to scare the rancor with fire, leading it to throw down Boba Fett.


This leads to the next epic fight scene, this time between Boba Fett and Cad Bane. They start a Western like fight, and Bane is able to shoot first, sweeping Boba off his feet. Since he has his armor, he is not severly injured, but Cad Bane manages to get to Boba Fett and take off his helmet and separate him from his blaster. Just before Bane can finish him off, he is able to turn the tide with his gaderffii stick. He fells Bane and impales him with the stick.

Meanwhile the rancor is raging and destroying buildings. The Mods and Freetown people shoot at it with their blasters and also Din Djarin is there to help, but they cannot calm it down. Djarin tries to ride the rancor but gets thrown down and the rancor tries to eat him, but fails because of the beskar armor. It is Grogu who again comes to help and can calm the rancors mind and make him fall asleep with the force. Exhausted from his actions Grogu is also falling asleep next to the rancor.

The next scene shows, how the Pykes start their retreat, since the conditions on Tatooine are not friendly for the spice trade, which violates the treaty the Pykes made with the crimes families. It is just then, that Fennec Shand shoots the leaders of the crime families, hangs the mayor and stabs the Pyke leader.

It is then shown how Fett is respected as the leader of Tatooine and walk through the streets of Mos Espa being greeted and saluted by the people. The last scene shows how Din Djarin is flying in the Starfighter with Grogu on the droid spot - and they both having fun.

In the post credit scene, it is shown how the Mod artist has tools in his hand next to the bacta tank, in which Cobb Vanth lies.


My opinion

It is a good finale, that solves most of the open story lines, yet it is not rushing them. I didn't expect Grogu to be a major actor in this episode, since the conflict that Luke imposed on him, would've been a great cliff hanger for The Mandalorian season 3. The fight scene have been really great to watch, although the scale of the "war" was not what I expected. It looked more like a single battle, then a real war. Still it was entertaining.

I am not sure, if there will be a second season and so far that hasn't been one announced. Of course there is still story to be told, but whether or not it is interesting enough to offer content for a whole season is to be seen.
It wouldn't surprise me to see Boba Fett in other shows, e.g. the upcoming Ashoka Tano series or The Mandalorian season 3. Cobb Vanth might be the main character in the Rangers of the New Republic show, since Cara Dune actor Gina Carano is not working with Disney anymore.

Grogu und Din Djarin are coming back this fall / winter for the third installment of the Mandalorian - probably learning more about the Dark Saber, and even returning to Mandalore. I don't think we will see a lot of our Mandoverse characters in the Obi-Wan Kenobi show.

It is nice to see, how Disney is taking parts of the Expanded Universe / Legends, like the Scorpenek droids and include them into the newer projects. It will most likely not lead to a complete reunion of all Star Wars fans - which never has happened probably - but it can flatten the fronts. And even for people like me, who don't get the reference, it is still pretty cool to see those droids.

In total I think that the show was quite good - and is probably going to be a success. But it has some problems. Especially trying to be too much, was a problem. I would have been good with a show, that covers Boba Fetts past, until he arrives in the Mandalorian, and covers his story with the Tuskens, the conflict with the Pykes, and so on. I expected a show that would cover the story of Boba Fett as a crime lord and deep into the underworld of Tatooine or other planets, so that would have been great for me as well. And I would also love to see more from Luke, Grogu and Ashoka. All in itself was perfect. But I think the combination was to much. It was not really a good sign, that two of seven episodes went without the title character being part of it - or at least mostly. It would've been different if the show would've had a different name. But I think it would even have been better to split up those three very different stories.

If they continue this way, it could be a branding type. If the Mandoverse is connected and we see some or all of the main characters in other shows, I wouldn't complain about that fact itself. But if some side characters have bigger screen times and more action in the show, it something that should be considered, before giving a title to the show.

Nevertheless it was an amazing project and I am excited for what is up next.



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