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I wanted to introduce this movie to someone some weeks ago and she said, "it's a popular movie, who hasn't watched it?". I was surprised because I was just watching it for the first time and it made me wonder if the message in the movie is as popular as the movie itself. The movie "Encanto" is one of the best animated movies I have watched because of the message it holds. The movie is about a family blessed by the gods with a gift, the power behind this gift was maintained by a glowing candle. Whenever a child was born into the family, the child at a certain age is required to go through the magic door which decides their faith, things fell apart for mariano when her grandma discovered she wasn't blessed with a specific gift.


Mariano became like an outcast, her grandma and siblings felt she was of no importance without a gift even though she tried to help out in her little way. That's one misconception people have about the ordinary man, they mostly feel they're less relevant and have nothing to contribute. Mariano was the only child with no gift, even though she tried to feel calm about it, the display by her siblings and grandma frustrated her the most and she felt everyone hated her for it.


Among the sisters, one was blessed with the magic gift of controlling the weather, one blessed with making decorations, another blessed with healing what's broken, and another blessed with strength to lift things with ease. The people of the town missed one thing, working as one with the belief that they were sufficient on their own. Gradually they started to feel the weight of it all and the glow started to die down.




Everyone felt everything was working fine but secretly they were dying inside. Until Mariano saw cracks in the house that she knew something was wrong with the magic, most of them were trying to live with pretense to avoid stigma and to keep the pride of the family. No one was willing to share their feelings as Mariano insisted on knowing if something was wrong.



Soon Mariano discovered something was wrong and she followed a man who had disguised himself for years as a god and who predicted the future of people only to find out one shocking revelation that changed the life of the family as a whole, changed the ideology of the villagers, and restored that which was broken. I challenge you to watch it and see if you wouldn't change your perspective about those with magic and consider yourself more relevant.



All images are screenshots of the movie taken by me


My son really liked this movie, it touches on quite important issues.

I enjoyed it too, the movie has a lot of message to pass

My daughter loves the movie for the same reason, she likes because of the family theme, which she loves in our house!
thanks for it

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It's good to know your daughter loves the movie for the same reason.


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