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RE: How much can you milk a cow before it screams "ENOUGH!"? || BLACKLIST

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I'm a huge fan of this series and loved the vast majority of it (even some of the slower seasons), but it wasn't immediately clear what show you were talking about. Try adding a good title and some headings to break up the text, as it helps guide readers like me to what you're wanting to share with them.

Otherwise, great breakdown! I agree that this show might have jumped the shark with an extra season, as there was definitely a solid opportunity to tie it off. Hopefully they figure things out so that this show can have a memorable resolution rather than a miserable, quibbling death :*(



I feel like the ending of the 8th season would have been perfect. The secrets would be out in the open and the possibility of the Blacklist surviving the tides of time would thin even further as Red grows older and weaker. You make a fair point, I added the name to the title. The unfortunate end to Elizabeth's story would have been a very exciting open-ended ending to Red's future. I would have loved it for the future of the characters to be a mystery. But let's hope the show finds some footing and makes the newer episodes as exciting if not more.