Mortal Kombat (2021): No one beats Sub-Zero? This movie can do it

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It's been a few months since I've done a post like this and I haven't been watching "new" movies/series, in fact, these last few months I've been re-watching The Office for I think the 4th time. Although two weeks ago I watched Wolfwalkers, which is an excellent and beautiful animated movie, I forgot to do a post about it (and now I'm too lazy to do it); so today's post will be about the "long awaited" Mortal Kombat 2021 movie. I'll be very honest, I didn't expect anything from this movie and although some things from the trailer looked good, I knew it would be a trash, however, I didn't expect it to be so bad, I even think that the first movie, at least has more personality than the 2021 movie, so this phrase from Malcolm In The Middle fits very well with what I think about Mortal Kombat 2021:

This will not be a review as such, it's more like my impressions of the series and the many things I didn't like and found ridiculous, to the point of causing me cringe, so this post is going to be relatively short. Even though I didn't have high expectations with this new adaptation, at least I expected the fights to be better than the old movies and the only highlight with the 2021 version is the intro, where you see Hanzo before he dies and becomes Scorpion. That introduction was really good, with a lot of action, a lot of blood and violence, but after that the movie did nothing but fall downhill and only rises again in the last minutes of the movie, when Scorpion appears, but still, although in the final fight against Sub-Zero, was another of the best things of the series, it was not something spectacular either, although there are "good" moments. However, Sub-Zero gets the beating of his life, so Hal's phrase does not fit in this situation.

There are things I liked like the origin of Jax's metal arms, which due to Sub-Zero's powers, he froze them and broke them, but then in Raiden's temple (which has a shitty attitude in this movie, he is much more despicable than Shang Tsung), they implanted him new arms, but of dubious quality material, but then with "arcane magic", those arms made in a factory in China "evolved", all with magic... of course.

I haven't said it yet, but in this movie, the warriors selected for Mortal Kombat are assigned a mark, which is the classic dragon symbol from the game. There are two ways to get them, one is "naturally" by being chosen or by killing someone who already has that symbol. The only one who has no symbol is Sonya, but after killing Kano, she steals the symbol and from one scene to another, again with magic, she activates her magical powers and helps Cole (protagonist invented for this movie) to defeat Mileena, in the most random way possible.

I think one of the biggest disappointments of this movie is Liu Kang, he really is the worst character and if we compare him with his version of the first movie he is much worse. No personality, no charisma, nothing, he looks like a stupid kid. Raiden is lousy, a total asshole, who says he can't intervene in Mortal Kombat, but then he gives Kole the "dagger" of Scorpion, which allows to summon him at the end of the movie and also, at the end, with his powers he teleports everyone (even the enemies) to random places, so "he can't intervene in the fights" is a stupid excuse. I hated this Raiden so much that I will post a gif of the previous version.

Another ridiculous thing about the series is the way they say the phrases from the game, "Fatality", "Fables Victory", among others, it's too embarrassing. It's like the director said: "We must put more references to the video game, so let's put the actors to say the typical phrases out of nowhere, even if they look totally stupid".

I could say more things about this movie, but I want to end with the biggest "bait" of the whole movie. I don't really have a problem with the main character being a totally made up character and being a descendant of Hanzo/Scorpion, but what I really have a problem with is that the movie is about 1:40 long and Scorpion only appears for the last 10 minutes. He shows up and together with Cole they defeat Sub-Zero and he leaves. And so, Scorpion only appears those last few minutes and is the most despicable thing in the movie. But worst of all, they plan to keep making continuations of this garbage.

PS: The best character in this movie is Kano.


I guess we'll classify this #flick as a love it or hate it type of thing... because I've seen a few reviews here so far, and they really do go one way or the other. I trust you're probably right, but I'll end up throwing it on at some point just for shits and giggles. Thanks for the heads up! :)

Yeah look at it, it has some good moments, but for me it's garbage.

very good movie, it reminds me a lot of your last games, they seem to me a brutality, mortal kombat I think it has been the best in the last years as far as fights are concerned, good post brother

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To be honest, I liked the movie. I think it's something completely different in modern cinema, why call completely iconic phrases from the game "embarrassing"? I feel it's something quite original and I had no problem with it. I also quite liked the way they created a rather intimidating Sub-Zero, but now that they killed him, will they bring him back in the next movie? Maybe he'll show up being Smoke, hopefully so.

The way they say the iconic MK phrases in the movie is what causes me embarrassment, not the phrases themselves, it's the form. It's ridiculous. There are things that may fit in one medium, but not in another. And this happens with comics, videogames and novels.