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RE: [Es-En] Estrellas en la tierra.

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Source of plagiarism

There is reasonable evidence that this article has been spun, rewritten, or reworded. Posting such content is considered plagiarism and/or fraud.

Fraud is discouraged by the community and may result in the account being Blacklisted.


Hello good afternoon friends, in advance receive an apology, for what happened, I would like you to accept me in disagreement to opt for an appeal and that you can remove the negative vote.

Hello good afternoon, the coincidence may exist, but that does not mean that I am copying and pasting information from the Internet, since I have been writing on the blockchain for about 2 months, I hope you consider my record of all the clean work I have done, I have had the good sense to devote much time and effort, just as I value all the work done by others, consider that I made appropriate modifications, so that my publication is not affected and damage my reputation.