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RE: He’s All That : A Gen Z High School Romantic Comedy

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Teen romantic dramas are not my favorite genre, but the actress is pretty enough for me to watch this movie haha I don't remember seeing the original '99 movie, I'm trying to remember something, but no, I don't think I ever saw it.


I see :D, her being pretty is probably another reason why many watch that movie. Though yeah, according to IMDB, the ratings are higher from female than the male part. So, I guess, it was probably from her female fans?

Surely the movie has been successful is because of the protagonist, I didn't know anything about this Tik Tok influencer, but apparently Hollywood is taking advantage of the popularity of celebrities of this generation to make money. Good move by Hollywood, they know that with their millions of followers they have an audience that will pay to see the movie.

The IMDB rating demography says otherwise. Younger people tend to rate this movie lower than the older generation. As I also mentioned in another reply.