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Marvel Comics

It all started in the sixties when two comic giants (who were not giants yet) took on each other to win over fans. We are talking about the Marvel comics and the D.C. comics. Marvel is about Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, X-Men, and The Avengers, for those who are unaware. Of course, there are more characters and shades to the comics. D.C., on the other hand, is about Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and the Justice League. Again, there are more characters in this universe, too, than we can count.

As a kid, I grew up watching the animated version of both the Marvel and the D.C. world. Every single animated (or cartoon) version of the D.C. world was an instant hit. It even had non-animated series. Whether it was Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and other series, each was a hit. The same could not be said of the Marvel world. The only animated version which was a hit was Spiderman. The friendly neighborhood Spiderman was the only one who held the Marvel Universe flag flying high against the more successful D.C. world.

Thor Ragnarok.jpg

Fast forward four decades, and the story changes a bit. The Marvel world became the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) which brought forth blockbuster movies like the Iron Man series, the Hulk series, Spiderman series (three versions), Avengers, Thor, and many more. Each of the movies was a runaway success. Contrasting this, the Superman franchise was the lone flag bearer for the D.C. universe for a long time. Justice League was a forgettable movie, though the Snyder cut seems to be creating some buzz. But as of 2021, the MCU stole a march over the DCU in the cinematic world.


The Marvel Universe and Thor

Thor happens to be one of the central characters in Marvel comics. Thor, the son of Odin, is a God and has powers that make him stronger than most Marvel characters. Can you imagine Thor being stronger than Hulk? 😊

But think about it - in Avengers-Infinity War, Hulk is beaten up badly by Thanos. However, in the end, Thor beats Thanos with his Stormbreaker. What does that tell you? That Thor is stronger than the Hulk. I am sure Hulk fans will not like that, but then, why argue when we love both the Hulk and Thor.

Coming back to Thor, I love all the Marvel characters and each of their movies. I remember the time I watched the first Hulk movie. I was like, wow! You know a mammoth-looking character (I know it is CGI) head-butting tanks and chewing off missiles is just too cool.

Remember this?

But still, Thor movies had a special charm, and more so, Thor Ragnarok. I liked the other Thor movies, but they were a bit serious. However, Ragnarok makes Thor look comical yet badass at the same time. So, Thor Ragnarok for me. Besides, I watched it the first time on a flight from Indonesia to home, so an added dimension to the movie. 😊


Thor Ragnarok

I wonder what is there not to like about this movie. The movie shows this improved equation between Thor and Loki, Thor losing his hammer, fights with Hela and even Hulk. All of these were too good, and also the fact that Thor finds himself to be weaker than Hella, his sister.

If I were asked what the single most incredible scene in this movie was, then the answer would be Hela breaking the Mjolnir. That hammer that we thought was the unbreakable, unliftable (if there is such a word) piece of God’s weaponry was broken to pieces by Hella with her bare hands. So, much for worthiness!

Take a look at the scene:

The movie came right after Dr. Strange’s movie and hence had a cameo of Dr. Strange in the beginning. But what is interesting is Thor reaching a different planet right after the scene where Hela breaks Thor’s hammer.

The movie drifts through Thor, trying to get back and take help from known allies. Talking about known allies, we have Hulk and Valkyrie in this movie, and oh yes, a fight scene between Hulk and Thor. Have a look.

There, you have more proof that Thor is stronger than Hulk. 😊 😊

Of course, Hulk wins this bout with some help, but it gets better from here. But there are many references to past movies in this film. For example, Loki standing up and saying, “that is how it feels,” is an obvious reference from the first Avengers movie, where Hulk smashes Loki just the same way. Here it is:

Now you know Loki’s feelings. In this movie, Loki is the villain, whereas, in Thor Ragnarok, he is more of a neutral character leaning towards goodness and Thor.

Thor had to find his way out from this planet and back to Asgard, where Hela is wreaking havoc around the place. The plot revolves around his escape to Asgard and Hulk and Valkyrie teaming up to beat Hela. The movie never skips a beat as far as comedy is concerned while keeping pace with the seriousness of beating Hela.

Hela is a tough cookie to beat, especially that most of her powers come from Asgard. Not only does here powers come from Asgard, but it keeps growing with each passing day. How can Thor beat Hela when he could not even match up to her while she met him the first time. Remember when she broke the Mjolnir? That was the first time she met Thor and that too on Earth. Imagine the strength she would have had after reaching Asgard.

That’s the general direction the movie takes, and while I am tempted to tell you all more, it would be a spoiler for others. By now, most would have seen this 2017 movie, but then there would be others who would not have known about this one in particular. So, these details are for them. But that’s not it.

No Marvel movie is complete without Stan Lee’s cameo. Take a look at Stan’s avatar in Thor Ragnarok.

See the comical timing of the entire cast in the movie. It is hilarious all the while through the movie. I strongly recommend that you should go and watch it.

Have fun!


Any More Breadcrumbs About the Movie?

Well, there are many, but if I keep talking about it, it would reveal the entire movie in one post. But let’s make some strength comparisons, shall we? I already mentioned that Thor is stronger than Hulk. Also, Thor, at least, in Avengers – Infinity War proves that he is stronger than Thanos. What about Hela?

Hela is way more powerful than Thor; at least, the ease with which she broke the Mjolnir proves so. Does that mean, if she were around in the Infinity War, Thanos would have had no chance? 😊

Anyway, that was an interesting comparo and takeaway for you all. That’s it from me, and I repeat that you should watch the movie.

It is quite a funny Marvel movie! 😊




Image Courtesy: Marvel Cinematic Universe