Lupin - A French Crime Caper

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I think Netflix have had to resort to buying in more foreign language shows due to issues with production during the pandemic, but they had some anyway. I have enjoyed Dark from Germany and Ragnarok from Norway. The latest I have watched is Lupin. This follows the exploits of a thief who is inspired by the adventures Arsène Lupin who has been popular in France for over a century, although I had not heard of the books.

Looking at the trailer now is weird as I have watched the show with subtitles and the lead character, Assane Diop played by Omar Sy, sounds nothing like the extra butch dubbing actor they have used. My french is fairly bad, so I only understand the odd word. I still prefer to hear the original voices.

So far there have only been five episodes that left us on a cliff-hanger. Assane is trying to clear the name of his immigrant father who hanged himself after being framed for a theft. He has to use his skills of disguise and social engineering to the full as he fights against high level corruption.

There are flashbacks to Assane's childhood to set the scene with the rest set mostly in modern-day Paris.

It reminds me a lot of Sherlock with the clever plots and some of the classy filming style, so may appeal to the same audience. There is some violence that may make it unsuitable for younger children, but it is not too gory. I think it is fairly believable as a plot that could happen, but characters tend to be exaggerated in fiction.

I believe the writer, George Kay, is British. He and Omar Sy are interviewed here.

The next five parts should get released fairly soon. I have seen lots of online comments from people who are eagerly awaiting those.

I also finally finished watching Lost in Space, which I enjoyed. I am currently enjoying Snowpiercer, also on Netflix. My other half got into Line of Duty as the final series came out and binged the whole lot over a couple of weeks. It did not appeal so much to me as I prefer escapism to gritty realism.

Stay tuned!


Months ago I made a video review of this series and I must say that it is one of the best Netflix has, without sounding exaggerated.

I had a long time without seeing a series that caught my attention under this genre of mystery, robbery and drama.

Without a doubt "LUPIN" is a series that is worth watching and that will leave you wanting to know more about this mythical character, who makes you think about how he will get out of every problem that comes his way.

A French series that proves that not only North American or Latin series are addictive and of high quality.

Netflix is expanding in different parts of the world, giving us the opportunity to enjoy different ways of creating audio visual art.

If you haven't had the chance to watch this series yet, I wholeheartedly recommend it, it's worth every minute.


I think it's great that Netflix has such a variety of content. Most of what we see in the UK is British or US. That excludes a lot of great entertainment. Lupin is definitely high quality TV.


Here in Latin America, we can enjoy a great variety of content, which is really great, from European to Latin movies or series, without forgetting the Asian promotions that surprise me more and more every day.

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Mate, absolutely loved this show! Your comparison to Sherlock is a good one, the BBC Sherlock series is one of my favorites, and I felt that Lupin was on a similar level. Also, I'm a lover of the French language, so being able to watch it in its original form was also a good way for me to practice.

I wish I had actually learned French at school. I do speak German though.


Wie schön! Warum hast du Deutsch gelernt? 😁

Ich war zwei Jahre im Schwarzwald. 1988-1989.

Schöne Gegend. Ich Genieße jeden Moment, wenn ich da bin! Sehr cool, Englisch ist auch mein Muttersprache, aber Ich habe Deutsche gelernt. Ich hasse nur das Grammatik! Wir Musiker lernen schnell Sprachen :)

I spreche Deutsch sehr seltern and scheib kaum. Ich war nie gut mit Grammatik and habe viel vergessen :)

Vieleicht solte Ich ein Leid auf Deutsch schreiben!




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mach es so! Würde gerne daran mitarbeiten.

I habe ein gesungen

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I think I watched the entire first series of Lupin in a single evening. Maybe two evenings. I was hooked right away.

Snowpiercer is remarkable. Have you seen the move? I was very reluctant to watch the series because the movie draws in an emotional attachment and familiarity with the characters. I just couldn't imagine the characters being played by new actors.

Finally, I gave the series a chance, and boy was I ever glad that I did. I cried a lot throughout the show. That doesn't mean a whole lot; I often shed tears while watching film, listening to music, and reading books (I get right into the story and lives).

I hope you enjoy Snowpiercer as much as I did.

I've not seen the Snowpiercer movie. I think the characters are good and I'm interested to see where it goes. The whole concept of a train that has to keep going around the world is crazy, but we accept some silly stuff with fantasy.




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I enjoyed this series but I think the superiority of Lupin was simply too much. He is like the entire team of Ocean's Eleven but just in 1 person. It was a hard pill to swallow but I found it enjoyable nonetheless. I am also waiting for the new episodes and hope they are released soon. It was also good to see this actor again after his great performance in The Intouchables.

Interesting. I'll have to watch that. I'm always looking for new Netflix shows to watch.

When I hear Lupin, I think of Lupin the 3rd. In Japan, Lupin the 3rd is an animation that has lasted for 50+ years now that was also based on Arsène Lupin (I believe Lupin the 3rd is suppose to be his grandson). There have been several cartoon series over the years, a dozen or so animated movies and a few live action ones, and many many huge comic books. It's actually one of the most popular properties in Japan.

Here is one of the intros for it (this is basically the same intro and music that every series has been using since it was created)

I've heard Lupin is like Sherlock Holmes for the french. Seems it has been pretty influential. I know little about anime.


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I have been noticing the same thing. Funny on literally all the series I posted about today also none were natie english speaking.

I like the broadening to be honest because it opens a whole new world on series. I like lupin a lot honestly and hope season 2 will be as entertaining as the first one

'Gentlemen cambrioleur' we used to learn that in school in french haha

There must be a real shortage of new shows, but I think some are getting back into it again. Streaming services have kept us going.


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Thank you for the review. I have been thinking about watching this series, but just haven't taken the leap yet. Being from the U.S. I actually like, and have come to prefer, the non-U.S. films on Netflix. I do have a hard time following non-English language films using sub-titles though.

Well you have the option of dubbed if that works for you. Hope you enjoy it.


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I will have to go watch this movie. Thanks for this post