Child's Play - A Reboot Gone Wrong?

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I found this movie on Netflix and was interested because the cover and trailer had Chucky vibes. It was released in 2019 and is a reboot of the Child's Play franchise. It stars Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, Brian Tyree Henry and Mark Hamill (Chucky's voiceover artist). It follows the story of a high-tech doll who joins a family and causes havoc all around.

The Plot

In a doll factory, an employee is fired at his job and in anger, he tampers with the doll's operating system then goes ahead to commit suicide. Eyes unusually lit, the defective doll, Buddi, is packed with the other Buddi dolls and shipped.

Karen who works at a retail store where the Buddi dolls are sold gets hold of one of the Buddi dolls which was returned by a customer for being defective. She convinces her boss to give it to her and she gifts it to her son, Andy, as an early birthday present.

The doll is activated and connected to the house and it's able to communicate with a very excited Andy. He asks Andy to give him a name and he ignores Andy, naming himself 'Chucky' instead. He shows other defective signs which are ignored by Karen and puzzling to Andy.

Andy introduces Chucky to other kids in the building and they're all fascinated by the doll. While watching a movie, Chucky picks up all the cuss words and violent activities. He later picks up a knife and tries to stab one of the kids but is stopped by Andy.

As Andy's 'best friend' and Buddi, Chucky becomes overly protective and makes it his mission to get rid of anything and any person that causes the slightest inconvenience to Andy. This makes him kill Andy's cat and also leads to other murders.

Who will stop Chucky?

My Thoughts

I laughed the whole of this movie not because it was funny, but because of how dumb it was. Everything about it was poor and it was funny to see how hard the actors were trying to look serious for such a dumb plot.

The Andy kid was very annoying. Karen was annoying. The police guy was annoying. The bloody doll was annoying! I couldn't believe what I was watching. Why is this even labelled a horror movie? It's too embarrassing to be called that.

It's the same old slasher movie premise and the cast did no justice to it whatsoever. That kid kept screaming that nobody was listening to him or taking him seriously. Dude! Your doll was moving crazy and you couldn't tell your mum, now you say nobody listens to you?

The forced emotional attachment between the doll and Andy has to be the worst thing in the whole movie. Okay, maybe the second worst because that police guy's horrible acting was the absolute worst.

The Karen lady was so uninvolved, it was like she was just an extra in the movie. I'm laughing right now as I remember the scene where Chucky had her tied up. So so bad 🤦‍♀

In fact, don't watch this movie, there's nothing in it for you but a waste of your time.

Rating - 2/10

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In fact, don't watch this movie, there's nothing in it for you but a waste of your time

Ha. I saw the title and the graphics, I was excited until I read the review. No way, I ain't wasting my data and time on this one. Thanks for the heads up ma'am 🙂

I wouldn't recommend this at all.

An awful reboot, its funny how hard it is for film-makers to capture the essence of some modern horror classics

I mean the orginal still gives us nightmares.....but this....maybe not lol

You'd dream of this and wake up laughing cos it's so silly

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