Red Notice is a Total Cringefest

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I started the movie with a lot of hope, considering the stellar actors that were featured but it turned out to be an epic disappointment. I cringed so much my neck started to hurt.

Red notice is probably the worst high budget movie I've ever watched in my life. I mean, I don't know if they spent a lot on production but I'm assuming it was expensive based on the fact that Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds featured in the movie.

I hoped I was going to watch an actual movie with a plot and some thought put into it but what I experienced was a cringefest with so many plotholes, you'd think it was directed by a toddler.

The Plot

The movie was suppose to be about a bunch of art thieves and also feature a "twist" along the way but what we got was a predictable script that was mostly boring.

Dwayne Johnson played a police officer that was "framed" for a robbery and ended up in the same cell with Ryan Reynolds, an art thief that he arrested.

Thanks to a combination of very convenient scenes and events, the epic hot mess of a movie dovetailed into a blob of disappointing explosions and ridiculous action that reeked of cringe.

I mean every scene from the time they were shooting ancient nazi weapons to driving nazi cars that were locked up in a bunker for a gazillion years was mildly idiotic.

My Thoughts

Perhaps I was expecting too much, especially considering that the movie had a lot of rave reviews. Interestingly, the movie currently holds the record of the highest number of views in 24 hours. All the hype turned out to be nothing but hype because in reality, it is actually quite a horrible movie.

The only good thing about the movie is that Dwayne and Reynolds played their archetypical roles. They had their usual humour and stereotypical screwball comedy behaviour.

It is 110 minutes of my life I'll never get back (okay, I didn't sit through the entire movie). I'd rate it a 2/10 and I recommend you watch paint dry instead of this disaster of a movie.


I got bored watching this bad peplicula, it was a waste of time hahaha. It's on my worst of the year list. I watched the whole thing just for Gal "Wonder Woman". The comedy scenes and dialogue didn't make me laugh, it made me sleepy. XD

😳 What a review! Madam don vex for dem! Movie got my attention because of these 3 actors. I'll watch it sometime this week. Wish me luck! 😂

Goodluck 😂😂

😅😅OH well. It's like I come to you for movies not to watch. Have you watched flaked on Netflix? If it's available in your region, you could check it out. I watched both seasons over the weekend and I liked it. Maybe you would too.

It's like I come to you for movies not to watch.


I just checked out Flaked and added to my list. The trailer looks like I'd like it.

Great :) let's see how that goes

Oh my God..

You don spoil my ginger for the movie oo..
But I ll still see it though.. Maybe less expectations.

Yeah, lower your expectations

I watched it immediately it came out and i enjoyed every bit. Would you like to join our movie review video session? There is just a Spanish version but we are trying to do a English version.

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I would like that. Discord wolfofnostreet#4939

Loved the movie my chick flick

Me toooo

You should recommend some movies for me too then.. I think this is going down my list..

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I am sorry you were disappointed. We watched it last night. One of the reasons being that the shows I usually watch on Sunday night on CBS (NCIS Los Angeles and the Equalizer) were preempted by the Adele concert. Not my cup of tea. We were going to watch it eventually and last night just worked out for the timing. Our expectations were totally met. It was fun entertainment. The repartee between Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson reminded us of the Rundown with Dwayne and Sean William Scott. We enjoyed that one too.

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I was staring at my phone a lot during this one. Ryan Reynold's comic relief is the only thing that I found actually entertaining in this. The convenient placement of a lot of things that just happened to be in a certain place like the one rock in the jail yard that makes the entire wall collapse, are just kind of dumb. All realism is completely removed from this movie as one too-convenient-to-be-true situation after the next arises such as Interpol, yet again! being right on their tails at just the right moment.

They ending makes me believe they have the intention of making more of these.

To think that I planned on seeing this movie tonight. Now I have second thoughts😕

I watched Red Notice yesterday and it was a painful experience. I love Ryan Reynolds but I wish he would choose his projects more carefully. Not even his presence could save this terrible movie! Can't believe someone read the script and thought it was a good idea to film it. Also, Dwayne Johnson never acts, and even though Gal Gadot tries, she didn't accomplish it this time.