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I never quite imagined what the duo of Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway would look like but I quite liked it. Anne Hathaway plays the Jules Ostin, a cool founder of a fashion store. Jules has a lot of workload playing both founder and CEO and she barely remembers when she agrees to a community outreach for senior interns at the company.

This is where Robert De Niro comes in, playing Ben Whittaker, a retired old man who's bored of retirement. He sends in his video application joyfully and the HR loved it, picking him and a few other interns. He's attached to Jules which puts them at a weird start since Jules thinks she doesn't need any extra help from a senior.

Ben gets into everyone's good books when he clears out an over-stuffed desk at the office and catches Jules attention especially. He becomes like a cool father figure to the young guys in the office and even finds a love interest.

Ben notices Jules driver having a rough day so he offers to drive Jules instead. Jules agrees but becomes uneasy during their ride and instructs one of her workers to transfer Ben to someone else because "he's too observant". Jules regrets this decision when another senior intern drives her the next day and rams the car into a building.

She gets Ben back as her personal intern and they get closer. Ben meets her family and is thrown off to see that Jules' husband, Matt, is a stay-at-home dad. He takes their daughter Paige to the park one day because Matt is ill and on his way back to drop Paige, he finds out Matt is cheating on Jules.

This knowledge leaves him disconcerted until he finds out from Jules herself that she knew all along that Matt had been cheating on her. She had to decide whether to appoint a new CEO to oversea the company in order to have more time for her family or be in charge of everything doing what she loves. With Ben's fatherly input and many years of work experience, she makes her decision.

Ben Whittaker reminds me of my dad so it wasn't hard to like him. The way he loves to work and the thrill he derives from it, how he was all prepped up for his first day, his suit, suitcase, getting acquainted with modern technology, the way he got along with younger colleagues, they were all 'awww' moments for me.

It's a feel-good relaxing movie with a couple of laughs that I'd definitely recommend. I hear there's going to be a Hindi remake which I look forward to.

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It was such an amazing movie but then again I might be biased cause I love Anne Hathaway

Same here 😄

Well well, a movie with Anne Hathaway, of course I must see it 😁

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