CINETV Airdrop

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CINETV is a new Hive Engine tribe for Movies & TV. If you haven't seen the introduction post by @brofund, I highly recommend you checking it out.

You can visit the tribe here.

CINE tokens are being airdropped to BRO & LEO token holders. As this is a ManCave (Brofund) project, the majority of the airdrop will go to BRO token holders.

~100K CINE tokens have been airdropped to BRO token holders.
~35K CINE tokens will be dropped to LEO token holders later today.

The airdrop for BRO token holders has already been completed with a 149% ratio. If you owned 100 BRO you would receive roughly 149 CINE.

The airdrop for LEO token holders will happen at some point today with a 1% ratio. If you owned 100 LEO you will receive 1 CINE.

BRO & LEO holders were chosen as they represent ideal potential recipients of the airdrop. The two phase airdrop is roughly equivalent to 52 days of inflation. This number was chosen to bootstrap the community with a pretty solid initial distribution but not to overwhelm the market.

You may notice some oddities on the website as the reward pool is just starting to initialize. Over the next week these numbers should stabilize as the reward pool fills and initially distributes tokens.

One of the unique elements of CINETV tribe is the cash out period is only 5 days. This means instead of waiting 7 days for post payout, you only need to wait 5. The majority of voting is done in the first 1-2 days, and the last 4-5 days are typically just a waiting period.

If you have any questions about the airdrop or tribe, hop on the ManCave Discord and ask away.


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I didn't get any. So, it must be a scam. lol.

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I just started the LEO airdrop. It takes 2.5 hours and then should be distributed to LEO holders.

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I got some $CINE. It is confirmed, not a scam. :)

The real question is if we can delegate those Cine tokens to Brofi :D

Right now, no you cannot as delegation isn't enabled. I suspect within an a day or so delegation will be enabled and a BroFi pool will be set up.

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Perfect! :D

That's nice. I just received my tokens. Thanks. 👍

Now I can post my reviews about movie and series there

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cash out period is only 5 days

This is the hive part of the payout of a post still happens after 7 days, but the Cine payout happens earlier. What happens for example, if someone votes a post after 5 days from and also happens to have a Cine stake? Would that create some sort of clash or in that case only the hive vote will count?

Only the Hive vote will count, the CINE payout window will be closed.

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Very cool! I am looking forward to seeing what this new tribe has to offer. It should be a pretty awesome range of content!

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Thanks for the update @themarkymark. I'm happy of course with the airdrop as I'm a BRO and LEO HODL'r.

Irately use Discord, not liking to used centralised platforms which support the violence they help to perpetrate. I use for private and group encrypted chat/audio/video for sensitive stuff so the powers that shouldn't be are less likely to spy on my plotting :-)

I would really like to be able to ask questions here in comments. Eg. Can this CineTV community be used to share links to watch the movies we recommend online? Maybe some copyright issues, but ...
Your thoughts would be much appreciated.


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Can this CineTV community be used to share links to watch the movies we recommend online?

Not speaking on behalf of anything official but you can share what you want. Of course, like always we are looking for engagement and not just spamming links all over the place.

However, if a link is applicable to what you are discussing, there is nothing wrong with sharing it. For example, a particular film might be on Amazon Prime and you want to share that link. If it is a link to elsewhere, there is the freedom of posting, whatever it is you can share it.

Be mindful about posting phishing links and things of that nature which a lot of those sites can be.

Thanks for your response.
That being the case (able to post links - being careful they are not phishing links - how to test for that?), then i see #CineTV having huge potential as a resource for choosing what to watch and finding where to watch.

Thank You @themarkymark, I am Grateful for the CINE since I currently have some LEO.......................

will there be a community or are you just sticking with a tribe?

Yes. Soon.



Not my tribe. Take your salty comments somewhere else.

idk, i thought it was pretty funny

Totally cause I make nothing from this, so so much greed.


well, is it your tribe or is it not?

It is not. I am helping out.

Nice, this could be a good tribe for the future as it has huge scope to grow. I heard that they will be developing out the UI as well which is always badly needed.

Simply onboarding and some nice extras could make all the difference.

It's great - this token will be popular. Finally, a token for those who recommend film productions.

Awesome man. Really cool for movies lovers.
Received my tokens thanks.

TV and Movie tribe should be pretty fun, especially with a custom front end, excited for that. Thanks for the generous drop 👊

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just created my first... the first of manyyy :P

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Just checking my hive engine accout..
Thanks for sharing the information

Thanks @themarkymark for 19.867840 CINE of airdrop which is exact number I should get but don't get the part of brofund...
Can you please look at it I have got about 3.64 BRO... Thanks in advance. Cheers.

Low Ability Mark as always.