POSH Updates: New front-ends eligible for POSH rewards, new curation of @poshtoken comments and the posts being shared active effective immediately

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We have added 3 new front-ends to Proof of Sharing on Twitter. Before this only 4 of the big front-ends were eligible to earn POSH depending on how well the tweets did on a daily basis (stats can be checked in the daily @poshtoken posts). Now we've added 3 more, they are:

Cine TV
Weedcash Network

Please help us make sure POSH will work well with these new front-ends and let us know in the comments if you received a @poshtoken comment with your tweet embedded sharing links from these front-ends (don't forget the #hive tag as that's the only other requirement beside the link). Also give it a few minutes if it doesn't respond with the comment instantly. Thanks!

If you have other active front-ends from different tribes you think would be useful to be added, please let us know in the comment section! Keep in mind, though, that we most likely won't include tribes/front-ends without a specific niche/genre similar to communities that don't focus on a specific niche that we usualy don't support as we feel it kind of defeats the purpose of communities and often times also tribes. (Think OCD Community or PoB, etc)

Note: It would've been amazing if the owners of the front-ends would be able/find a way to accept POSH for promotion within the front-end. We don't care if that POSH gets burned or goes to the owner of the front-end, we'd just want to give it some more usecases. I understand currently it's not possible to use other tokens than the ones that have PoB active on it, but if some custom ones can we would very much appreciate it. It would also make great sense that accounts that earn POSH by promoting the front-end or any Hive front-end, can use the earned POSH to promote their posts within the front-ends as well.


Effective immediately the Discord channel #twitter-posh won't allow people to share their Twitter links anymore and this message will instead be visible there at the end:


Here is a step by step guide of how our POSH curation will work from now on:

  1. Share someone's post on twitter (can't be your own)
  2. Use one of the now 7 acceptable front-ends to link to a post and add the #hive tag among other things to make sure it gets as big of a reach as possible.
  3. When @poshtoken leaves a comment under the post you shared, you copy the link to that comment.
  4. Paste the comment link under the latest POSH Curation Compilation posts of @ocd.
  5. Make sure the post you're sharing that you want possible curation on is not older than 6 hours to give us time to curate it. If it's older than 24 hours we will probably skip it but your comment may still get a vote if it was tweeted properly. (Your comment being the @poshtoken comment with your tweet, as it will send you the rewards after 7 days - but don't selfvote these)


Curators will now:

  1. Check the @poshtoken comment of the tweet. Curate both how well the tweet was made (relevant tags, some description, etc)
  2. Also check the post and curate that, unless it's too old.
  3. Add the tweets as a compilation on the next post for their work done going through all and curating both comments and posts.

We understand this is a big change and that we won't see too much activity in the beginning but we (and many others in the post discussing this) think that this will be a much better community activity rather than how it has worked in the past where people would just share their own posts and barely earn POSH or Hive rewards from sharing other people's posts.

Of course "share-trading" won't be frowned upon, but if you get caught sharing from your alt account or something else that goes against the idea behind this we may mute you from our curation accounts and also ban you from earning POSH tokens in the future.

Let's see how it goes, as always feel free to ask if you have any questions or improvements you think could be added to how this works.

PS! @poshtoken has managed to buy up to 25k POSH so far from the post rewards it earns on a daily basis. These POSH will go out to POSH holders and POSH PETS NFT holders once the NFT's are released. Other than that the Hive @poshtoken earns from all sources (curation rewards, beneficiary rewards, post rewards and possible donations) will strictly only be used to evolve the project further. We would appreciate it if more stakeholders would vote up these posts knowing what the rewards are used for, even though they are automatically generated. Thanks!


As the @cinetv project manager, let me say how extremely pleased we are to enter this partnership with POSH and find creative ways to integrate the coin into our front end! Thank you so much for including our community among those front ends that users can share from!

pretty integrate update to the Posh token. I would expect there is still some human involvement to protect it from abuse? Besides that I think it's awesome to see POSH expand and that I can now find quality posts myself and make a call or notice to OCD/Posh about this content. Could be a great way to welcome people the the hive community and get them engaged.

Yeah, I think some will get the gist of it quick and make good use of it, sharing newcomers quality posts on Twitter will not only get them a nice comment upvote which @poshtoken after 7 days sends them the reward in liquid Hive to, but also earn some POSH tokens if they are registered on hiveposh.com and get the post some curation. So yeah, everything will be handled by curators who will try their best not to let any abuse go through.

A very nice upgrade, actually. It will speak highly of Hive and its sense of community to have people sharing other people's posts on Twitter, not just their own. It's all coming together nicely and I'm glad to see this happening!

Thanks and nice to see you back. :)

It's good to be back! Have a lot to catch up with haha kind of exciting I gotta admit.

Very cool loving this! I think that's one of the things that scares people away early on is not being discovered at all / getting any kind of upvote. It also seems like a hive account needs roughly 30-50 hive powered up to be able to really be active on the platform constantly. That's a pretty big ticket price. I'm curious how that will continue to play out over time. Anyways great work on POSH!

Yeah, we also have the @lovesniper initiative for the examples you mentioned. Say someone's first post is a bit too random and not "curatable", whoever is going through the bot that day will attempt to leave them a comment to suggest to maybe create an intro post or check some communities they may be interested in. We have a special bot in our discord (created by @rishi556) that alerts us whenever an account makes its first post so we can get to it and see what it's about and if we can help, same goes for some delegations but thankfully RC delegations should be just around the corner to make helping out with that a lot cheaper.

Unfortunately there's some curators who either vote intro/first posts blindly without reading or maliciously vote posts of accounts they've created themselves as it's difficult and takes a lot of time to make sure there's no abuse such as plagiarism or identity theft or straight out copies from the old chain being edited and photoshopped to fit into Hive attempting to receive curation. This is what has caused us to vote those intro/first posts a lot lower to avoid incentivizing doing those malicious acitivites more. Instead the @lovesniper account follows certain accounts it helps out in suggesting what to do next to then curate them on their next post which may be an introduction one or one more in tune to be curated. This also gives us more data to make sure it's genuine new users rather than some just attempting to get away with some rewards and never use the accounts again, rinse and repeat.

As you can see there's a lot of work that goes on off and on chain, that's usually why we reward the compilation posts of certain initiatives we have going so the curators can earn some extra hive for their work no matter what stake they have (since some people insist others should just be happy with their curation returns but somehow forget that many may not earn much or even if they do they may just go auto/passive and not bother to do all these activities that take a lot of time and effort).

After reading most of your comments here, I can only commend the work you and the OCD team is doing. Thanks for helping people grow on hive. Btw, when is poshPets release month?


No date yet, we're still working on how we will release it to get it as much attention as possible and grow the Posh ecosystem with it.

Appreciate it!

Interesting, I agree that it is a bit of a barrier to entry for newcomers. On new accounts, how many HP do they give them? Waaaay back in the day when it was still STEEM, they gave I think ~25 HP with new accounts for a while (back when it was only worth a few pennies I think), but now with it being worth nearly $1 that is not possible of course.

I hear that you can lend out some/all of your HP to others, is that right? Perhaps there could be a charity account that would lend newbies 25-50 HP for a few weeks to get started, and they wouldnt run our of RC too quickly and could make at least a small amount of earnings from curation. Not sure how the rewards would be split between the new account and the lender, though?

I was "Posh" as a section on the @LeoFinance wesbite, and thought it was just a category, I didnt know it was a token? Can you suggest somewhere that I can read about it? Holy crap, the HIVE network and ecosystem is huge! I am learning new stuff every day! :o

I am very new to hive.It took me a few days to understand what is twitter-posh or reditt-posh. Finally I was just preparing for tweeting my post but the policy has changed.😭let's try sharing other's post if I sort out how to do this.Though I need to know how many post I can share in a day for being curated.

Best of luck hivers.

There's no limit as of yet but please make sure the posts go according to our curation rules (niche's we don't curate can be seen in the OCD community sidebar) and to attempt to curate underrewarded authors that post original content. You can still get rewarded for your tweet even if the post you nominate doesn't receive curation for one thing or another as long as you tweet well (use proper tags, etc) to try to get as big of a reach as possible.

Doubt, which are the 7 acceptable front-ends? besides the three mentioned in this publication?

On the other hand, although I see it a bit complicated because I do not quite understand how it is, I think it is a good idea to postulate the publication of an author who is of quality and has not received rewards.

hive.blog, ecency, peakd and leofinance

It would great if 3speak would be added to this list because video content creators like us who prefer sharing a direct 3speak link on twitter.

That's a great idea actually and not sure why it isn't yet, will talk about it with the dev to change that asap.

Thank you! would really appreciate that.

I interesting turn of events. I've always shared other people's post via twitter before now. Seems better for the community in the long run.

Also, I think diversity should be encouraged. Users should not posh the same author over and over again. Just a random thought.

That's true, for that we already have restrictions in place of how often the same author can be curated by us, this engulfs all our curation activities with very few exceptions. In the beginning we may reward good tweets from the same users more often with a comment upvote, though, to encourage more great POSHing.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

It works! But for some reason it did not work for this post. Thank you so much, POSH is a really cool addition to the Hive experiance.

Great work!

We have some numbers of people tweeting Hive on a daily basis, I am not sure how the new POSH curation reward will impact the people tweeting about Hive but I believe we could try this to find out. Stay in good health bro, cheers!

This is a nice change... getting the best of Hive out there for the world to see. That is how I see it and also, will get people to care more about their neighbors 😂.

Full support of it 😁! Just love the idea and would like it to be a success.


Being a member of the POB/VYB curations project... Now. I understand why the read between the lines "I don't like your community" on me from some people 🤣.

I perfectly understand the reasoning and cool with it.

Having a niche brings forth the best in an author in a given area.

getting the best of Hive out there for the world to see.

While nowadays I am not using Twitter, I agree that it is a good place to create a great amount of visibility for Hive, because nowadays Twitter is amongst the most popular social networks. So it is a good free marketing opportunity. If it is done right, then it can attract new active Hive users.

Good luck and have fun to everyone.

Here I bring you a link to a Twitter post about a content from an excellent hivers.

Aquí les traigo un enlace de una publicación en Twitter sobre un contenido de una hivers excelente.

1495850104464543746?s=20&t=Rrmq6MG2oQqxjcEEwS_SZQ twitter metadata:Z2VybWFuYW5kcmFkZWd8fGh0dHBzOi8vdHdpdHRlci5jb20vZ2VybWFuYW5kcmFkZWcvc3RhdHVzLzE0OTU4NTAxMDQ0NjQ1NDM3NDY/cz0yMCZ0PVJybXE2TUcyb1FxeGpjRUV3U19TWlF8 ~~~

Again, I hope this works. I'm a Little consufed but I'll work to understand. I got Lost after sharing post from other users on Hive.

Check how others are nominating in the latest @ocd posh curation post, I've left a few comments to some not doing it right

I don't know about others but it seems bit complicated, time consuming and difficult-to-do task.

And, it will take some time to be familiar with and to execute the steps.


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Yeah it won't be easy in the beginning but we think it will be worth it.

1495534725997465604?s=20&t=LGVt0v8-qokRoHH0UlbRAg twitter metadata:WWh1ZGRlZTExMXx8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS9ZaHVkZGVlMTExL3N0YXR1cy8xNDk1NTM0NzI1OTk3NDY1NjA0P3M9MjAmdD1MR1Z0MHY4LXFva1JvSEgwVWxiUkFnfA== ~~~

Not here. :P

Also not your own posts, please read the post. :)


Nice support this POSH offers! !1UP

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Why were u muted lol

I am muted... uh oh lol where at?

here in the comments, not sure why


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Happy evening friend a cordial greeting first of all. I can not quite grasp the idea of what is going to be implemented, I will explain what I understood and please make the necessary correction. In my Twitter account I will post a link to a publication that I liked with a small review and the necessary tags that fit the topic of the post, having as mandatory #hive and #posh. Then I copy the link of the tweet and place it in the comment box of a report that will be published daily in the user @poshtoken to opt for an UpVote in that comment and also post the publication with the requirement that it has a maximum of 6 hours of published, is it like that or am I wrong?

I think this is a bad update. So we can no longer share our own links but have to submit someone else's. This will make it exclusive to the select few who have followers regardless of the work or amount of traction it occurs.

If someone has the highest traction they're not eligible unless someone shares their post?

It is also quite manually heavy.

Yeah you basically wait to copy paste a poshtoken comment rather than your own twitter link, I don't think it's a bad idea that those who have followers and want others curated get to nominate posts, it's a social media platform after all. Tipu operates in similar ways and many other curation projects.

Yes but it obscures votes. Meh ah well. It is what it is.

Curators' restrictions on how often they can vote certain accounts and which genre/niche's they can vote with ocd won't change, it's just that you gotta start giving a bit more yourself to receive rather than just focusing on your own thing, I don't really see that as a bad thing considering that's the philosophy of upvoting on hive.

I think it could be a good thing now that I think about it. People will be incentivised to share others work. Either way, I still HODL posh for long term

Funny enough after reading i didnt understand anything feeling weird

Hmm maybe just reread the steps? :p

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Interesting idea. I need to know if I understood correctly.
First, I share the link to another author's post on my Twitter page, then, I share the link to Posh reply to my tweet on the complication for the day?

Hola mi enlace de twitter

Hello everyone!
Let's checkout these two tweets.
More attention is needed here

1497113475453231108?s=20&t=0CryIZ34zfvJS0XYB4td6Q twitter metadata:RERONjE5fHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tL0RETjYxOS9zdGF0dXMvMTQ5NzExMzQ3NTQ1MzIzMTEwOD9zPTIwJnQ9MENyeUlaMzR6ZnZKUzBYWUI0dGQ2UXw= ~~~

1497115431877984258?s=20&t=0CryIZ34zfvJS0XYB4td6Q twitter metadata:RERONjE5fHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tL0RETjYxOS9zdGF0dXMvMTQ5NzExNTQzMTg3Nzk4NDI1OD9zPTIwJnQ9MENyeUlaMzR6ZnZKUzBYWUI0dGQ2UXw= ~~~

Hello, friend @acydio

I think it's a good idea that you want us to do more promotion on Twitter, but I get the impression that this new system is very cumbersome.

We are on Discord because it simplifies the search for publications to vote for. If we have to get them directly on Hive, and that they meet all the requirements, we will have to use a lot of time.

I am an artist and it takes me at least 12 hours to create a post. Besides, I have another job that feeds me.

I also think that tweeting other articles from people who are not in OCD and are not interested in being in OCD, would subtract votes for those of us who are in OCD and do care about it.

For example, if after following the instructions correctly, I tweet 3 posts, and in addition, no one tweets mine, I would have no chance of being included in the curation.

On the other hand, the rush to look for interesting, recently published posts would lead us to choose, out of haste, any blog that may not be of quality.

We are all on Hive because we want Hive to grow, but also to be rewarded for our posts. Doing all that work for nothing would be frustrating.

I have long felt that the quality of posts on Hive has declined.

It seems to me that it would be more interesting if you would come up with a strategy to reward the best content according to clear standards and that would be people who are in OCD. This way, we would all be interested in improving our content: writings, images, structure, photos, videos, etc., and that, at the same time, would include the multiple publications of other people's posts on Twitter or other social networks.

That would be much, much better for Hive and for everyone.

I agree with you the truth, it is my humble opinion, until now I have not understood the new steps very well, at the moment I have been paralyzed, but these are changes that we must accept, I will try to continue reading and to be able to orient myself.

Hello, friend @alexsparta

Yes, I guess there is nothing we can do about it. We will have to continue to look for alternatives on Hive.

Best regards

Hello We are looking for support for our curatorial activities, we are C/CELF Magazine, @celf.magazine and we have curatorial work. We would like to count on your support, thank you!!!

Thank for your all time support we are really grateful