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Crow the Legend is the latest short animated movie I just watched. To be honest the story of this animated movie was so exciting I forgot to blink my eyes for a while. This story is based on a crow who has a splendid voice. He had a fantastic voice pitch and when he sings a song whole forest brighten up with his voice. Animals of the forest love his voice and enjoy his singing. Along with a fantastic voice, he had beautiful colourful feathers. He used to be called a bird with a voice and feathers. When you will watch this movie you will find yourself immersed in the world of magical animation. I truly loved its animation and making

But when things are going smooth then Life turns, the other page of a book. Where we see issues and troubles that is the reality of life. For the very first time, winter arrives in the forest. All animals are scared and trying to find a way how they can save themselves for this winter. Then Owl type character in the movie brings the solution and the solution is very difficult.


For this mission, they chose Crow the legend as only he has the ability to complete this. Somehow the friends of the Crow convinced him and embark him on the mission where he will have to fly over the sky, beyond the sun and then he will have to find someone who can create everything by thinking. Without having second thought for the life of his friends he decides to do this. He flew beyond the sun through the clouds full of emotions and passion. He finds an ant who lives in a Jar and that ant has the ability to create anything by thinking. Ant gives him a stick with fire and told him no matter what don't let it turn off. But in all excitement somehow mistakenly fire stick turned off and then Crow the legend sacrifices his voice and his beautiful feathers. Because he had to go inside the sun to burn that stick again. Which cost him his voice and his beauty.

This movie really teaches you the lesson of self-acceptance and sacrifice.

Crow: The Legend | Animated Movie [HD] | John Legend, Oprah, Liza Koshy

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