Heart of a True warrior

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Sharing something epic after so long. When I listen to this tune I feel like I have the heart of a true warrior 😂. The heart that never relents. There is no way but love. We all know a win is inevitable but the heart of a true warrior understands things and try to seize those moments by giving them 100% effort. So acute, so instinctive that it could only be called from a heart.

Playing By Heart by Yanni

This tune touches your heart and it will take you to heaven. I believe sometimes music is the only medicines that have the power to cure your all worries. I wonder if there was no concept of music life would have been a mistake then :P XD Anyways enjoy this cool tune. I am sure you will like it. Not all tunes are my favourite. There are some very special. Yanni is one of my favourite artists. The other day I was kidding with my mama that if Yanni is not coming to my marriage to play some cool tunes I am not going :P XD Now you see how much I like his music. :P

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Warrior heart 🦄