Power Plant Reflection Edits • Reflection Hunters Contest Entry Round 18

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Welcome 👁 Reflection Lovers

For this round of the Reflection Hunters contest i have a few unusually colored reflection shots of one of my favorite photo motifs in the district i'm living in Berlin. The still active Charlottenburg Heating Power Plant with my favorite bridge around here, the so called Siemens-Steg. Some of the photos are color graded like well known movies and a tv-show you most certainly know or at least have heard of. Enjoy the sights and colors of my Power Plant Edits and feel free to choose the actual entry for the contest.

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Power Plant Panorama

To give you a complete picture and feeling of the whole area where the following shots were taken here's a panoramic view of the power plant at the River Spree

HKW Charlottenburg Panoramic View

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The Upside Down

Let's get a little closer now, but be carefull to not fall into the Upside Down unless you are ready to meet the Demogorgon or the Mind Flayer down there.

HKW Charlottenburg Reflection

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What If ?

Imagine a world in which light and surface reflections work completely different, where color can only be observed through the reflective surface of water and everything else just reflects light as shades of grey.

HKW Charlottenburg Reflection

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Under The Bridge

Here i'm standing underneath the bridge called Siemens-Steg you already saw on the other photos, but what you can't see right now is the Blade Runner Rick Deckard running across the bridge above me hunting a Replicant.

Siemens-Steg Blade Runner Edit

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Red Pill or Blue Pill?

I crossed the bridge and look the other way now. Same bridge, different view. Imagine Morpheus and Neo sitting somewhere in the buildings over there talking about what pills to take and don't forget that there is no spoon! Damn, I gotta go and find an exit, Agents are coming!

Siemens-Steg Matrix Edit

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Hard Edge Day & Night

Now we're looking at the dust silos of the power plant that are not in use anymore. Instead a sculptor is using the building to the right to shelve some of his works and materials. My first thought with this shot was to cut it clean in half colorwise, but then i noticed some more options to split the light here.

HKW Charlottenburg Day and Night

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Soft Edge Day & Night

Here i'm zooming out from the dust silos a little and the hard edge from the photo before becomes a very smooooth transition from day to night.

HKW Charlottenburg Day and Night

Still here? Great, i recommend to scroll up to the top and have another look at the panoramic view now to complete this little journey and thank you for staying with me.

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• Thank you for checking in •
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• Wherever you are • Wherever life takes you •


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Fantastic Reflection photos ...!!
Beautiful and amazing Power Plant Edits .
Thank you for sharing and participating in Round-18

Thank you very much 🙏🏽 my pleasure 🖖🏼😎🤙🏼

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Yeah 🚀thx

Such an incredible collection of reflection photos and really great edits! Thanks for sharing these with The community!

Thank you very much and thank you for providing a space for this topic at all 🖖🏼😎🤙🏼

I love seeing all the photos that get posted here!

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.


Yeah, thanks, keep the curation rolling 🖖🏼😎🤙🏼

Doing my best! It's fun to see community members getting nice rewards on their posts!

Great reflections here! Thank you for sharing! Wish you luck in the contest! 💪😎

Thanks, my pleasure ... glad you like em ... 🖖🏼😎🤙🏼