An 'average' Introduction

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Well, this is gonna be…. weird.

I wish I was more coherent when it came to talking about myself. While most of the time, I manage to write somewhat of an okay scenario, whenever I try to talk about myself, words seem to just, leave me.

I'm not a quiet person, that's for sure. On the other hand, I'm not even the most talkative one out there. I'm selective with my words and to whom I bestow them upon. (more like dump them upon, but, for aesthetic's sake, let's stick with 'bestow'. Makes it sound more meaningful that way.) I hate Smalltalk, and I love milk tea. I'm not that complicated, not at first glance, at least.

And my words have already run away from me…

I didn’t even say my name.

Hello, fellow hivers. (Do they call you hivers? I'm just making up names..) I'm Sam. A twenty-two-year-old who is studying a subject she despises and dreams about being…. something, someday.

Hive was brought into my life with the help of a very talented friend, and even being the lazy, scaredy-cat I am, I decided to take a dive. I didn’t think I'd get an account this fast, and I have to thank @zaku bhaiya for helping me set it up.

Now… moving on to some other stuff.

Again, as I'm kinda sorta terrible at talking about myself. So I'll just move on to things I like to do or can do.

If I have to describe myself in a word, it will be "average".
I don’t think there is anything in this world that I can claim to be great at. I read, I write, I draw, I sing, and all the things I do, belong to my average list of 'talents'. So let's just ignore those for now.

Music is my muse.

Yes, it is. I don’t think I'm someone who can claim to have great taste in music. Because my taste, for most of the time, tends to be all over the place.
From hardcore metal to soft classical, I tend to lose myself to it all. If they have meaningful lyrics and a good melody alongside them, I'm easily sold.
These days I’ve been into a bit of indie/folk-rock (blame the rain), so these are the artists I'm following for now.



What I'd do to drown myself into novels…..
Yes, I'd give away this life for a chance at fiction any day. I'm more of a writer's pet than a novel hoarder, though. (which has its downsides but..meh! I'll live.) If I like how someone writes, I tend to consume everything they have ever written with a single-headed focus. So, favourite writers… I have many. The one I'd die for? Oscar Wilde.
And Favorite books? These came to mind relatively fast, so, yeah.


Movies? Sure...

Okay, I'll admit, I don’t usually enjoy watching things... It’s not like I think movies are beneath me or something. It's just, I'm more of a 'visualiser' than a 'seer', if that makes sense.
Imagination holds my soul, so I tend to get bored easily while watching something that leaves no place for my mind to run wild. But I still do have some favourite films that took my heart for either their plot or frames, and these are among them.



Now, this is the thing I grew up with. My first door to imagination was opened by those big-eyed blue-haired unreal beings that kept me up at night, sometimes in agony and sometimes in happiness. Animes; I love to watch, and the list of favourites here is longer than my age.


What I want to do, now that I'm here…

Well, I guess I'll just write here for now and see how that goes. I have a destructive way of thinking that forces me to feel inferior most of the time. So you can expect some average quality opinions, stories, poems and art while I move forward. And if I get to know some like-minded people along the way then, that would be fantastic.

I still have a lot to learn regarding HIVE in general, but hopefully, there'll be plenty of helpful hands to show me the way as I start this journey to the unknown.

With this, I rest my case.




Glad to have you here.
Great intro! Will be happy to get some amazing content from you.

I saw you joining the BDC server so if you need any help just give a knock. There are a lot of helping hands for you.

Welcome again and best of luck with this new journey.

Thank you for greeting me!
Yea, I joined the server yesterday and I still have lots to learn. If I do get stuck anywhere I surely will knock! 😊

Thanks again! I look forward to it.

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Welcome to Hive. Hope you are gonna enjoy it here :')

Thanks bro!! 😄

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You are welcome. You will enjoy it here. Feel free to ask questions if you need clarity on any issue

Thanks! for now I'm liking what I'm seeing so hopefully I'll have a good time in hive!😊
And I'll ask for sure... thanks again! 💜

You are welcome dear

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Have a great day!

Hello! thanks for the warm welcome! I'll check out the guides you provided since there are still many aspects of hive I have yet to understand. If I face any confusions, I'll surely reach out! 😊