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What is the subjective experience of listening to some cool tunes? For me, it has some deep meanings. For some people, Music is an amusement and for some, it's a way to Joy and relaxation. Some people listen to music when they are sad and some celebrate their happiness with music.

I still remember those days when I was giving my inter finals. Usually, I need complete silence in my room when I study but for maths, I used to listen to some cool music. Listening to your favourite music while doing a practice of your favourite subject is another level of dreaminess. Music and mathematics relation can only be true in my case. It is not necessary that it will work for you. Brain connectivity is very important if you are doing something very important and also listening to music. I miss those days, to be honest :P.

What do you think? Does Music have the ability to evoke powerful emotional retaliation? Well I believe yes if the emotions are positive it put a positive impact on your muscles and if negative then may God help you :P XD
I've been listening to Yanni for a quite long time now. And I guess I have explored his all collection. When I play splinterlands I listen to Yani. When I feel a headache I listen to Yanni. And today when I spent almost 3 hours outside for some shopping I was exhausted and tired. So I wanted to relax and I started exploring Yanni tunes. I stumbled upon this Nine I loved it so decided to share it with my friends. I hope you guys will love it.

Yanni - "Nine"

Yanni - "Nine"
Nine is a perfect number!… It’s vibration is truth!… I hope that this song removes your fears and brings strength, harmony and love into your life…
Let’s finish with what has been plaguing us!… We have the intelligence, creativity and strength required!!

I really liked this description. I hope the same. I wish love, peace, harmony in our lives. And of course strength so we can fight this current pandemic we all going through. peace and out see ya enjoy this lovely tune and you can always thank me by commenting :P XD