The Job

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The Job A short film based on a girl who is dealing with OCD(obsessive-compulsive disorder). Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a mental illness. In such a condition, the patient can't differentiate between reality and illusions. In simple word the Urge to do something again and again. The movie starts with a car driving scene and the girl who is suffering from this mental illness is washing her hands again and again.


Every morning she wakes up and unwillingly drags herself out of her bed. She makes breakfast for her mother and feeds her car with milk. Apparently, in the movie, you won't see any character because everything is an illusion. She is dealing with mental illness because her dreams are shattered. She wanted to do something else in her life but now she has to do 9 to 5 Job just because reality is harsh. In order to survive, she will have to do this unwanted Job because she has no other source of income and no social support. Washing hands, again and again, is symbolic of anxiety attacks that she is dealing with crushing her dreams. The whole movie is just based on a single character. people do exist but since she can't connect with anyone so they are non-existent for her. When I started watching the movie I got the idea that she murdered someone and now she can't come out of it and keep thinking about the incident but no Movie showed that every day when she leaves her house for the Job her while driving google map lady is directing her towards her dreams but she kills her dream for her typical job she doesn't want to do. But to fulfil the real-life liabilities she has to do it anyway. In the end, you will see her hands are pricked with a lot of pins. And her hands are bleeding. I got the message from those pricked hands that Job sucked her dream life and she is forced to do that JOb and that Job wounded her soul. We all somehow do relate to this movie because we all have killed our wishes at some point. This 18-minute movie is quite interesting. Try watching if you can.

THE JOB | Kalki Koechlin | Filmfare Nominated Shortfilm 2019


I feel enticed to watch this movie. Thanks for reviewing.

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