The Razor Crest, My Watercolor painting Timelapse from The Mandalorian

in DTube5 days ago (edited)

I miss the Mandalorian….

I tried to watch the new Bobba Fett on Disney over Christmas but I just couldn’t get into it.

So this video is a little Nostalgic… to honour the Razor Crest and the Mandalorian …. And Grogu.

Where is Grogu ????

I Added some Western music from the Youtube Copyright Free Music Library.

This is the Windsor Newton Watercolour Kit I use...

Watch on YouTube:


Wow. Incredible painting. Thanks for all the help on Dtube.

Thank you. Yeah.Dtube is pretty awesome.

Great painting

Thank you very much

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I really enjoyed watching the timelapse! I'm in awe of your patience and attention to detail!



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I cried when the Razor Crest blew up!... Just kidding! Ha ha! I'm also a huge Star Wars fan! The gun-slinger music in this video is fucking brilliant! I haven't had a chance to see Bobba Fett, but I'm surprised to hear you couldn't get into it. To each his own, I suppose! The only Star Wars stuff I couldn't into was the Lego series!