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RE: Hive Documentary Film PROPOSAL // VOTE

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I was part of DLive while it was still on Steem and was part of the takeover there, as well. I doubt I can add anything of value from that standpoint but I would like to show some possibly useful info I gained from that period.

I posted a video before he bought Steemit saying he was going to acquire more things

(which seems to have been Steemit in hindsight)

I also spent 4 hours transcribing Justin and Ned's interview after he bought it. after the acquisition.


I was on dlive when tron took over and i saw the ruin of something great for something that was okish.

Anything anyone from the community can find will be helpful.

It does add to the fact Sun only wanted numbers of a community. Charles from DLive used Steem to get jumpstart of a community then used that to sell the numbers to Justin. Same with Ned and Sun: it was all about the community they tried to leverage to profit.

That didn't work for Steem: it did for DLive because DLive was never decentralized and always relied on money funneling down from Charles.

Thats a good point. Make project-get numbers-sell numbers.
But what happens when the "numbers" wont comply.. Then you have a problem. :)

There is plenty of information to discuss regarding Hive/Steem but I think there is a comparison to be made at how easy it was for him to roll over DLive in the same way he couldn't with Steem.

I think it's very important to differentiate what's interesting to us as Steem/Hive veterans and to the average non crypto person, because at the end of the day, those are the people you need to entertain.