Godfather of Harlem: Why I Really like this Show

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Today i am gonna talk about godfather of Harlem, a crime show that released in 2019 but season 2 just aired. That's why i think it's a great opportunity to talk once again about this show, tell you about the plot as well as why i really like it so much.

Before we start talking about the plot or the reasons that i like this series so much, we need first to learn a couple of more generic things about the show, a short description if you wish. This port is also part of a contest so check it out.


To begin with, as i mentioned above this is a series that came out in 2019. Season 1 has 10 55 minutes episodes and season 2 just aired with only one episode out. Season 2 will also have 10 episodes. Also, note that this series is a crime drama and is based on true events.

Finally, before we begin with the plot, the creators of the show are Chris Brancato and Paul Eckstein who you might know from Narcos. Also, the main stars of the show are Forest Whitaker, Nigel Thatch, Vincent D'Onofrio (Kingpin from Daredevil) along with other excellent actors that have any part in mafia movies/shows and such.


The story starts with Bumpy Johnson an American gangster who gets out of Alcatraz after an 11-year-old sentence. He comes back to Harlem where he once ruled but many things changed. Even though he still holds a lot of power he doesn't have full control of Harlem and the reason are the Italians who took advantage of his absence.

Bumpy doesn't like that so he wants to take it back from Vincent Chin Gigante as he considers Harlem "rightfully his". Bumpy and Chin quickly heat up and are ready to wage a war while Costello (Paul Sorvino) tries to moderate things before it turns messy.

Why I Really like this Show


From the plot, you just read you might think, well that's another crime/gangster show but that would be a huge mistake if you ask me. Of course, it's a show around Bumpy a real-life character and gangster but it gets complicated quickly.

What i mean by that is that we get to see other characters as well and follow their stories, ambitions, dreams, sorrow. For example, we get to see what the rival of Bumpy, Chin is thinking, how his life is and what problems does he face, problems that aren't revolved entirely around his mob doings, but his family as well.

At the same time, we come across two other iconic characters, Malcolm X and Congressman Adam Clayton Powell who all knew each other along with Bumpy as well. This is where the show gets really interesting for me.


It's one thing to have the mobs fighting, to see what ways they were thinking of taking down their enemies and such but it's a whole other thing when you merge politics in the game. That's what that show is exactly. You got the fightings but at the same time, all the big names know each other.

The worst part is not that they just know each other cause this is natural if they grew up in the same place but it's really "sad" that they worked together numerous times for their own sake of course. So we got people that are gangsters, politicians, or have movements that are pro-people all working together at certain points even though about each other's past.

It's really contradicting and it's also something that should be a lesson to us all. We may keep hearing or saying "wow" that politician or philanthropist or entrepreneur is such an awesome person because he saves or talking about saving/helping people. While in reality he has ties or worked with people that are basically killing people and destroying families.


If you really watch this show and think about those people that many idolized and keep on idolizing you will come to realize once more a lot of things about humanity and how our mind works. If not it will simply be another crime show that you will love to watch for the gun fighting and stuff.

The only thing i didn't like about the show is that in some fight scenes the blood looks totally fake and i think we are living in an era that we can easily create fake blood for movies/shows or just making it look more realistic.

My Rating

IMDb Rating 8/10

My Rating 8.5/10

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Forest is such a well rounded actor in my opinion. Thanks for sharing!




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A good critical presentation of this gangster series that proves to be very interesting, from what is said about it. By highlighting that it is not a simple agglomeration of violent actions, but a vision of the relationship between historically real individualities that bring together criminals, politicians and businessmen. Greetings, @filotasriza3.

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