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RE: Hive Documentary Film PROPOSAL // VOTE

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And what about the town halls that were recorded?

I definitely want an actor that plays me to be approved!!! LoL oh wait a documentary means that's me isn't it?

And absolutely we should have the town halls. As well as include the history and links.

Those Town Halls were definitely human history in the making.

I definitely approve!


remember the one where he sent a proxy to try and do his dirty work at one of them? I think he eventually realized he was in a no win situation.

Yep I was there at that one too.

And sending somebody to do your work and having them admit that there is no negotiation with Justin... That kind of shot himself in the foot.

Here let me send somebody to negotiate on my behalf that knows that they have no power and they can make no decisions..

I think Justin went into this having no plan and looking to screw himself over.

Kind of like how he's screwing himself over with this ambassador idea.

I have a feeling he's going to get fired quicker than he fired his own community...