Documentary film entering second phase

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The first phase has been completed. We have finished the first 3 interviews. We now have around 5 hours of footage. Everything is filmed in 4k which slows the process a bit.
The first 3 interviews will be now used to create a short trailer up to 1 minute entering Phase 2.

These are the next few steps.

  • Trailer creation.
  • Script completion.
  • Trailer release with opened official discord channel, Hive and Twitter accounts where you can follow the work being done.
  • The trailer and promo materials will be used to attract external attention and get speakers from outside the Hive ecosystem.
  • In the meantime 3 more interviews will be conducted with prearranged individuals from Hive ecosystem or which have/had a relationship with Hive.
  • That will conclude Phase 2.

I will probably do 1 more update on my blog and further updates will be moved to discord and the official Hive blog account.


Would be nice some tron guy would whistleblow the other side :D

the hype is real ! I hope the will be plenty of people bashing on Sunny boy. Any good story must have a villain :P

Blocktrades did use a very nice name for him in the interview. lol.
We will see if it will end up in the film. Everyone interviewed will have to sign off on everything so there are no issues later on.

Ill be attempting to contact Justin as well. See if we can get his take. Itl add some drama to the film if he agrees. Thats always good to increase dramatic value.

That would be really could if we could get his messed up perspective contrasting with what went down

contact him from a passive source, not like hive documentation.

Maybe something like he can "shill" his view to malicious hackers :D But better would be Roy IMO.

Awesome, keep up the good work moving.

Thanks so much for the update 🙌 This is going to be awesome!!! How will it be released, in theaters?

All distribution options will be explored.

That sounds like a wise approach :) I shared this post on Shadows Pub's discord show, PYPT by the way :)

Fabulous one!! Thanks again.

Sweeet! Leggo! 👏

Look forward to watching it!

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