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This is the proposal for a full feature Hive documentary movie.

What this documentary will be:

  • A 65-70 minute full feature documentary film made by an award winning team based in Europe.
  • This will be a story about "crypto" and blockchain in simple terms with focus on "community" by using the "Hive story" as the central core of the documentary. In a sense having our story be the proof of the promise crypto and blockchain are making in a time when scams and meme coins are what the general public perceives crypto as being.

What this documentary will NOT be:

  • This will not be a Hive "shill" piece with the sole goal of making the Hive community feel good. We want to raise the ceiling potential of the film.
  • This will not be a revenge piece. There will be no personal attacks nor will the movie
    seek to attack any crypto entities. Coverage of the events will be fair and balanced in
    order for the viewer to form their own opinions while we provide them the relevant information.
  • This will not be a "technical" documentary. Topics will be covered in easily understood
    language with the focus on easily understood concepts like: "self determination, freedom from centralized control, power of community, struggle against oppression, etc.;" while placing those ideals in opposition to the current social media giants like Facebook and financial entities.
    (Why would you want to be in crypto? What do these people want to achieve? Do I want to be a part of that? Are those ideals positive?)


  • This film will be entered into documentary film festivals across Europe with the ultimate goal of being accepted into the international Oscar qualifying documentary film festivals like Berlinale and IDFA.
  • This film will be offered to streaming giants like Netflix and other smaller networks.
  • Getting major crypto personalities from other projects to do an interview for the movie in order to increase audience potential.
    For that reason the story must be broader than just Hive.

This proposal has been discussed with a few dozen individuals, large investors, witnesses, community leaders, already on Hive in order to determine a sort of consensus over what path the movie should take. Some community members like @theycallmedan, @starkerz, @yabapmatt, in case this proposal is approved, have shown interest in speaking roles. We will need around 7 people to interview for the documentary.

The current documentary brief (subject to change)...(

Snimka zaslona (510).png

...has been adjusted to input changes based on various concerns. I want to stress that a lot of things are subject to change during the script writing phase in order to align with the community response. The core "DO OR DO NOT" will mainly remain as is stated above because we want to create a piece of content that:

  1. Is not niche
  2. Does not cater only being of interest to a small group of people here. We want to make the potential audience as big as possible.


I want to answer some questions right away that creeped up during my discussions prior to the proposal launch and present the content of the proposal in this manner:

  • Justin Sun stole money from our community and from my point of view committed reprehensible actions and is a criminal. We can use this movie to get back at him. Will you do that?

No. This documentary will not be a revenge piece nor will it dilute the message to "Good VS Evil" but rather pin ideologies against each other.
Events will be covered fairly but there will be no instances where anything in this film can be construed as slander or personal attack.
The story will cover the ideological clash not only in the Hive event but a clash in ideologies in the broader crypto vs mainstream sense.
The lawsuits between community members and Justin Sun will be what provides a conclusion on criminality, if there is any, not this documentary. We will only present events while focusing on the philosophical.

  • Hive has developed relationships with exchanges like Binance and Huobi and has valuable trading pairs there. Will you be portraying Binance and Huobi as being complicit to the Steem takeover?

We will not. This documentary will in a way pay tribute to the Hive community, attempt to provide value, portray Hive as the ultimate embodiment of crypto ideals, not burn bridges or hurt Hive current position in the market. Going that route would be in complete opposition to what we want to achieve.
Since a large part of the documentary will speak about crypto in general and philosophy behind it, Changpeng Zhao of Binance will be contacted for an interview as well to speak on those topics.
We want to build bridges, not burn them. New strong relationships are worth more than basic emotional satisfaction.

  • Can we get Morgan Freeman to narrate the film?

No we cannot. :)
The film will be professionally narrated but since we have a tight budget to adhere to, all cost will be reduced to a minimum as per agreement between the proposal maker, @lordbutterfly and the film making team. That means that there will be no unnecessary expenditure like getting renowned names to narrate.

  • Ive heard a few people, even a large crypto influencer, mention a Hollywood style movie potentially being made from the Hive story. Is that something you will be doing as well?

Some have mentioned it, yes.
But no, our sole focus right now is making a fact based, general public focused documentary film where we cover core ideals of the crypto space using Hive as the proof of those ideals. Any further work will depend on the results achieved by this film.

  • Who are the people that will actually be making this film?

The team working on this has been deeply introduced into the topic over the last few months. I have provided all the content I could get my hands on. Interviews from @theycallmedan, @brianoflondon, meetings with Justin Sun and Hive witnesses recorded by @ausbitbank, coindesk, cointelegraph, decrypt articles. Coverage from Youtubers (one of whom will be invited to do an interview), coverage on podcasts, etc.

Their CVs contain multiple awards from international festivals across Europe. They have worked on a number of full feature documentaries and movies that were shown in cinema, 100s of international festivals and dozens of different countries around the world from Europe, Africa, South America. They also worked with biggest music stars in the region and on major brand commercials.

I will provide the link to their CVs for anyone interested. This is the main team not counting the additional backing team and assistants.

Director: Jovan Dopudj

Film and sound editing: Aleksandar Milenković, Stefan Filipović, Marko Filipović

Cinematography and camera: Nemanja Stojković

Snimka zaslona (509).png

The Conclusion and the "Why":

Why should you want to support this proposal?
The answer is something everyone needs to find for themselves but from the point of view of someone that has been working on Hive for a while I have to say that this proposal is simply a matter of choosing how ambitious we want to be moving forward.
Projects of Hive market cap have been spending millions on promotions, making ambitious moves, asserting themselves in the crypto and legacy markets.

In 2021, counting the marketing budget approved by the DAO, Hive has spent 30 000 HBD on promotion. And if I'm to be brutally honest, we should be spending between 5-10 million HBD a year.
The work put into spending that money outweighed in monetary value the actual amount spent.

And I know. I was the one doing that work.

Current daily budget of the DAO is 100k HBD a day. Some being spent on things that will probably never be seen by more than a few handfuls of people.

This has a real potential to be seen.

I am not going to sugarcoat this either way. If we want to achieve great things we need to be bold!

In the absolute worst case scenario we have a great piece of content to be shared for decades.

Best case scenario.... we hit our goals.

We would request 70 000 HBD for this proposal.
10 000 HBD a day for 1 week. All excess funds would be returned to the DAO.

Based on other proposals we received for something similar, even from internal teams, that offered to make a Hive "promo" piece about the Hive story, that would basically only appeal to the Hive community, per 10 minutes, this documentary is about 2-3 times cheaper.



I was part of DLive while it was still on Steem and was part of the takeover there, as well. I doubt I can add anything of value from that standpoint but I would like to show some possibly useful info I gained from that period.

I posted a video before he bought Steemit saying he was going to acquire more things

(which seems to have been Steemit in hindsight)

I also spent 4 hours transcribing Justin and Ned's interview after he bought it. after the acquisition.

I was on dlive when tron took over and i saw the ruin of something great for something that was okish.

Anything anyone from the community can find will be helpful.

It does add to the fact Sun only wanted numbers of a community. Charles from DLive used Steem to get jumpstart of a community then used that to sell the numbers to Justin. Same with Ned and Sun: it was all about the community they tried to leverage to profit.

That didn't work for Steem: it did for DLive because DLive was never decentralized and always relied on money funneling down from Charles.

Thats a good point. Make project-get numbers-sell numbers.
But what happens when the "numbers" wont comply.. Then you have a problem. :)

There is plenty of information to discuss regarding Hive/Steem but I think there is a comparison to be made at how easy it was for him to roll over DLive in the same way he couldn't with Steem.

I think it's very important to differentiate what's interesting to us as Steem/Hive veterans and to the average non crypto person, because at the end of the day, those are the people you need to entertain.


We talked about this extensively since the idea first came up so I'll just put a few of the general questions that others may want answers to here:

  • How will licenses, rights and royalties work?
  • How will the film be distributed? And how are you managing the submission/distribution/misc fees?
  • Can the presenters be listed prior to the proposal payout? Are they paid? Do they have contracts?
  • Will this just be about Justin or will the real culprit in all this, Ned, be featured?
  • How are 'communities' who compounded the issue regarded?
  • How will people contributing information to the film be given credit?
  • Those directly involved with creating Hive know how busy it was, who did what work, and who had to make sacrifices. How will you ensure that opportunists who just happen to be popular aren't given credit and all credit is properly attributed?
  • How are promotional materials (images, articles, etc) for this film to be handled and funded?

Questions aside, its not a matter of ideology. The takeover took place as a 51% attack that was caused due stake that was never supposed to exist. That stake was created originally to circumvent funding laws. It was one of the final acts that stemmed from a greedy and opportunistic nobody who bought his way to a CEO position at Steemit before the project even existed. It wasn't Justin who threw a massive fit a year prior, refused to even sell Steemit to the community out of malice, covertly copyrighted 'Steem', and got Justin involved in the first place. The story is long enough for a telenovela.


As far as I know, this post of mine has the best inside view giving the context of the genesis of Hive, written before Hive was born. I encourage you to use it for reference:

The Case For the Temporary Soft Fork

No. This documentary will not be a revenge piece nor will it dilute the message to "Good VS Evil" but rather pin ideologies against each other.
Events will be covered fairly but there will be no instances where anything in this film can be construed as slander or personal attack.

Public facts show him to be a criminal and a thief so I hope you don't withhold anything true in the pursuit of being "fair/balanced"

Will you be portraying Binance and Huobi as being complicit to the Steem takeover?
We will not.

This is also a basic fact and a part of the story, even condensed, so why would you exclude it?

Public facts show him to be a criminal and a thief so I hope you don't withhold anything true in the pursuit of being "fair/balanced".

Public facts show public facts. We will not be taking a step beyond that and presenting conclusions to the audience. Conclusions are up to them to make. The documentary will not call Justin a criminal as I do not want to be sued for slander and because by making this even seem like propaganda or a hit piece we would severely diminish the reach of the film.

This is also a basic fact and a part of the story, even condensed, so why would you exclude it?

Again. Its all fun and games talking between ourselves how Justins a criminal and how Binance and Justin colluded between themselves.
But making a documentary that is to be poignant and relevant you cant go ahead and make those kinds of claims. The job of the documentary is to tell a story, present facts not to act as the court of law passing out judgements.

Most of the angles are covered. Very important to avoid making this some ridiculous monkey brained 'good vs evil' hit piece.

My only questions before pulling the trigger on that vote of approval is: How will the finished product be distributed? Who owns the rights?

Who owns the rights?

Nft token airdropped by stake 😲🤪

I was thinking something along those lines, actually. It's one thing to talk about how strong this community is but to also demonstrate it in the same breath somehow would add so much more to the story.

so if you hold 1% of the token you can share some seconds for free :P

$Fart Token Holders get priority, just sayin'

I was also thinking of this idea of tokenising the documentary but was too shy to put it out there.

In a sense I would serve the function of a producer as you need someone to stamp their name on papers, deal with legal side of things and hire the team.
The rights would be with the producer and the team making the film. This would be contractually agreed upon before anything is set in motion ofc along with the specifics.

Down the line, if this manages to get sold, we can talk about revenue distribution and reimbursing the DAO. But this proposal is not a "business opportunity" proposal as no profits are promised from this nor will this documentary be made with profits in mind. This is about making a piece of content to promote Hive and the crypto space.

Okay so as for distribution I assume it'll be made available on social media free of charge?

This is not being made as a social media project to be shared on youtube and in comments.
First step is getting this into international film festivals, attempt to win film awards, legitimizing the film. Then offer the movie to Netflix, and streaming services, getting into the mainstream machinery, and to various networks. After those steps have been taken and depending on the success, making it public domain will be discussed.
There really is no reason not to attempt everything to stamp blue and red ribbons on this.
This will be talked about much more in news circles, for example, if say, Netflix picks it up, or if it wins some international film awards then if its just something shared on social media.

Excellent. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Dreaming of an International film award is a little extrem
Considering what that « world « is and we are not part of this bloodline .
So i really dont know what to say , but cool you want to make a movie , it will make the 5 000 people of hive happy i guess .

"Hoping for it" isnt unreasonable as the team making this has dozens of international awards already.
"Promising it", would be irresponsible.
The scope of the film is much broader then the Hive community and we hope that to translate to the final product.

First step should be to release it for free on HIVE for all existing and new HIVE users to enjoy prior to any canvassing of red carpets for winning film festivals. I'd also work towards giving the popular and people's choice of Movie critics first glimpse (or previews).

The Critical Drinker on Youtube springs to mind, so does who wrote extremely detailed, unbiased and supportive articles throughout the whole Steem/Hive Hardfork.
You would have to sling @dan a preview too.

very good point. It should be free to use for everyone.

I would want to avoid going that route at first until we see how the documentary performs. There really is no reason we should not explore all opportunities and just give it out for free to everyone out of the gate.
That is definitely an option that will be explored though.

For Free shares good. That's my idea behind :)

If everyone can pick it up and share it, its something unique and only hive can profit from it.

Make it exclusive, for example, "Netflix" needs a lot of lawyer work. Simple because Netflix can absorbs it, never shows it up and it's gone.

It would be a worst-case, but for free is something that is unstoppable. Think about everyone that wants can upload it on youtube.

All opportunities will be explored as this develops.

A cool opening would be this:

And then: This is how the things get started and the story begins.

But I think then it would be not a documentary at all :D

Haha. I think the latest Matrix film ruined all the Matrix references. 😂

I'm happy I didn't watch it :)

So I can be in my bubble :P

I didn't make that point, or any point.

Who owns the rights?

That's the point and it's a good one.

That's a question. ;)


See, now you get it. 2 + 2 = Hand. The answer isn't so obvious to most.

You see, the Hive community becomes Executive Producer of this film the moment the proposal passes.

2 + 2 = Hand


the finished product could be licensed and distributed via $HIVE NFT's being purchased then issued for the reproduction, licensing etc etc. Could make it extra funky by giving a discount or other incentive to any distributor or licensee by giving them a discount when they purchase their licensing/ distribution NFT's using the $HIVE or $HBD cryptocurrencies.

This has a lot of potential for more reasons than you've outlined. There has not been any cinematic release on the topic of Cryptocurrency or blockchain technology yet so your proposed movie could be the first.

I think there's a ton of potential to play with the infotainment angle too. Sure a documentary containing a factual record of the events arranged neatly into a chronological timeline would be valuable as a resource for the initiated and newbie alike: for example, I can not remember all too clearly the events of March 2020 which led to the Steem / Hive Hard fork as the #covid #plandemic was gripping Earth at the same time!

I'd like to hear some narration in the video from HIVE users and if possible, any recordings from the immense town hall discord voice chats we had at the time. It was certainly a wonderful feeling to be part of a battle with many many other like-minded, freedom loving #steemians (soon to be #hiveians) at the time. It was also when I got to know the whales, communities and personalities on $HIVE a lot better too. And indeed there was no better time to make friends for life when facing infinity upon the battlefield!

I will vote for your proposal as it aligns to my reasons for being here. Your proposed fees seem high but hey, what do I know about that? I reiterate my previous suggestion to hear many narrators on this proposed documentary, to symbolize the many voices of $HIVE. @msp-waves is full of competent radio show presenters and hosts; it's my favourite place to gossip, laugh, listen to news, music, learn and while away the time. @eldritchspig also sports a vocal narrative depth and tone similar to Morgan Freeman.

Fuck Hollywood by the way - I want to see as many HIVE peeps as possible being able to chip into your documentary cinematic crypto motion picture. After all we are the subject matter experts ;-)

Some links for reference regarding the Steem Ninja Mine failure (STINC) and a timeline of posts leading up to the failed Justin Sun takeover + subsequent hard fork away from $steem into $hive:

I (and the online investigative group I was part of) used to write scripts & research the subject matter for short educational videos that went pretty viral back in 2017. You may have seen them and surprisingly they are still on youtube!

The reason I started using steem and was to prevent any of the online investigative projects from being censored or deleted once published so I would be happy to flick some ideas or proof-reading over if you like. I have a lot of time now due to sudden unemployment so by doing a bit of volunteer work, I can get back into the spirit of decentralized truth & online investigating!

Wish you luck, hope this gets made and will become a good and popular movie.


Should be a fun community production.

so cool! Wish this project lots of success and support it

And what about the town halls that were recorded?

I definitely want an actor that plays me to be approved!!! LoL oh wait a documentary means that's me isn't it?

And absolutely we should have the town halls. As well as include the history and links.

Those Town Halls were definitely human history in the making.

I definitely approve!

remember the one where he sent a proxy to try and do his dirty work at one of them? I think he eventually realized he was in a no win situation.

Yep I was there at that one too.

And sending somebody to do your work and having them admit that there is no negotiation with Justin... That kind of shot himself in the foot.

Here let me send somebody to negotiate on my behalf that knows that they have no power and they can make no decisions..

I think Justin went into this having no plan and looking to screw himself over.

Kind of like how he's screwing himself over with this ambassador idea.

I have a feeling he's going to get fired quicker than he fired his own community...

Will it be a musical?

Very good and good price. I think it should not hurt at all. Worst case we have something cool :P

I dont want to make big promises but no one can stop me from having big hopes. :)


Voted. Love this!

How you want to do this greatly resonates with me. Supporting the proposal.

Voted! I hope it will be carried out.

Awesome idea. I just love it
Will be amazing watch the Hive documentary in Netflix or something like that. All the best

You have my support. Looks like you're actively trying to make it understandable and neutral, and have a clear goal in mind. Best of luck!

Thank you.

I honestly like this idea a lot and have already cast my vote in support. If you need any help whatsoever I will be glad to help.

Even though there isn't such a thing as bad publicity I like that you do not intend for it to be a revenge piece or some sort of documentary with scathing expository.

Wish you the very best.

I don't care if this wins some nomination for a prize or reach Netflix.

I just hope it is produced and taken to a good end and then we can make it reach to the world.

Good luck 👍

Thank you.

I'm no big fish, but would be happy to help in any way I can. Let me know! Looking forward to seeing this come to fruition. HNY bud!

Share on Twitter and Hive, talk about it in discord. Anything helps to get the word out.

To me you're a really big fish!

I feel the SkateHive community could make for an interesting segment, because our focus is on sponsoring real world events, and bringing people into web3 using skating. As much as I love the technical side of things in web3, sometimes we need something that appeals to more than just the tech savvy people, and bridges the gap between social media, and real life.
Just my 2 sats.

Awesome idea! The amount of cool projects here is amazing!!

@lordbutterfly I own a rental house for light & grip equipment near Munich. Hit me up if u need some gear. I also work as a gaffer. Would love to be part of the team.

Thx for the offer but youre out of reach by a 1000 km. :)
Gear wont be an issue.

Well depends on where you are I could make a funny road trip out of it, my wife is an actress actually. So where is this going to happen?

That'd shave off a lot of the budget. Lighting equipment can be real pricey. Several hundred a day for a single skypanel, $50 or so for a c stand for a day. Piles up real fast.

Even 3 day long productions on short films have budgets of about 20k with huge crews; most of that money going on lighting gear that isn't even used. Music videos are done on even tighter budgets and those come out very nice.

I work as a spark/gaffer too but I doubt I'd be of any use on something like this over in the UK.

@namiks well of course I got some SkyPanels in my rental but there are more cost efficient options which do basically the same. I like to say "less is more" and most of the times this is right because than you really think of what you could achieve with just one or two lights. Whatever, I give you a C-Stand for €5,- a day and this price is decreasing with the total amount rental days. Namiks do you know if there is an actual hive-community of filmmakers – i mean real filmmakers, not the one who buys himself a dslr and a cheap LED light and calls himself a cinematographer?! :D

So the HIVE documentary will be shot in UK? Well I have never been there, that would be a great opportunity.

Hey Ben :D whats up?

heyy well i hope we gonna shoot a music video soon right?

working on it

This is a story that needs to be told!

Voted for the proposal with my proxy.


I loved the proposal and I vote on it.

I dont know how but if you need some help about something you can text me.

I wish you good fortune in this endeavor. If you need any type of Hive video testimony I'm up for it. Best regards.

🤯🤩 What?! This is definitely a proposal I will support. Fantastic idea!

I'm usually wary about supporting large chunks of cash coming out of the DHF, but $70,000... is that going to be enough? Seems on the low side.

It will be enough. If this was commissioned in US or any more rich western country it would not. Eastern Europe has always been rich with affordable talent.



Great idea! Good luck with this project!

This has my vote for sure!

I can’t help but imagine how cool it’ll be if it was directed by one of the best producers in the industry with the name, and every thing required to top every chart and we could actually pay for it. But if this guys are as good as you think they they are then we move on

Gave my vote. A very cool project!
I have a question. If the film succeeds, how do you look to translate it into other languages?
I already want to translate it into Ukrainian so that as many people in Ukraine as possible can watch it.

We will go 1 step at a time. :)
A lot of things have been discussed during the last few weeks and this is something that hasnt yet come up.

This will definitely be huge and a great success. Awesome!


I dont know what country this will be made in, in the USA it's not libel or slander to correctly and factually show how justin sun corrupted people and stole funds using exchanges stake.

Maybe where you are they cant say something unless it's been out through court? I dont see how you could be sued in the USA at least for being factual(otherwise tons of youtubers would be locked up). A video on YouTube and a movie are the same video medium, so if your country allows youtubers to say what they want for the most part you would be ok right?

I'm asking for clarification purposes before I decide to vote because portraying JS as anything other than the thief he is wouldnt be right. The proofs on the blockchain.

I love this idea though and probably will vote yes anyway.

I think people misunderstood me.
We will not hide what happened in any way but we will not be using words like "criminal, crook, liar, nobodies, etc." Or passing judgement on legality.
Something some people want to do.

We want to make a quality film, not create Hive propaganda. That propaganda being true or not doesnt matter.

Thanks for the response. I know that it can be different laws for different countries, I just saw that you are not in the USA.Defmation in the USA is almost impossible to successfully sue someone for, for example. Was just curious :)

And yeah, that makes sense to not use certain words.

Let's go, I'm upvoting !

If they need one more person for the editing I could help. I'm a little far from them though but In Europe, in France :')