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RE: Hive Documentary Film PROPOSAL // VOTE

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Most of the angles are covered. Very important to avoid making this some ridiculous monkey brained 'good vs evil' hit piece.

My only questions before pulling the trigger on that vote of approval is: How will the finished product be distributed? Who owns the rights?


Who owns the rights?

Nft token airdropped by stake 😲🤪

I was thinking something along those lines, actually. It's one thing to talk about how strong this community is but to also demonstrate it in the same breath somehow would add so much more to the story.

so if you hold 1% of the token you can share some seconds for free :P

$Fart Token Holders get priority, just sayin'

I was also thinking of this idea of tokenising the documentary but was too shy to put it out there.

In a sense I would serve the function of a producer as you need someone to stamp their name on papers, deal with legal side of things and hire the team.
The rights would be with the producer and the team making the film. This would be contractually agreed upon before anything is set in motion ofc along with the specifics.

Down the line, if this manages to get sold, we can talk about revenue distribution and reimbursing the DAO. But this proposal is not a "business opportunity" proposal as no profits are promised from this nor will this documentary be made with profits in mind. This is about making a piece of content to promote Hive and the crypto space.

Okay so as for distribution I assume it'll be made available on social media free of charge?

This is not being made as a social media project to be shared on youtube and in comments.
First step is getting this into international film festivals, attempt to win film awards, legitimizing the film. Then offer the movie to Netflix, and streaming services, getting into the mainstream machinery, and to various networks. After those steps have been taken and depending on the success, making it public domain will be discussed.
There really is no reason not to attempt everything to stamp blue and red ribbons on this.
This will be talked about much more in news circles, for example, if say, Netflix picks it up, or if it wins some international film awards then if its just something shared on social media.

Excellent. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Dreaming of an International film award is a little extrem
Considering what that « world « is and we are not part of this bloodline .
So i really dont know what to say , but cool you want to make a movie , it will make the 5 000 people of hive happy i guess .

"Hoping for it" isnt unreasonable as the team making this has dozens of international awards already.
"Promising it", would be irresponsible.
The scope of the film is much broader then the Hive community and we hope that to translate to the final product.

First step should be to release it for free on HIVE for all existing and new HIVE users to enjoy prior to any canvassing of red carpets for winning film festivals. I'd also work towards giving the popular and people's choice of Movie critics first glimpse (or previews).

The Critical Drinker on Youtube springs to mind, so does who wrote extremely detailed, unbiased and supportive articles throughout the whole Steem/Hive Hardfork.
You would have to sling @dan a preview too.

very good point. It should be free to use for everyone.

I would want to avoid going that route at first until we see how the documentary performs. There really is no reason we should not explore all opportunities and just give it out for free to everyone out of the gate.
That is definitely an option that will be explored though.

For Free shares good. That's my idea behind :)

If everyone can pick it up and share it, its something unique and only hive can profit from it.

Make it exclusive, for example, "Netflix" needs a lot of lawyer work. Simple because Netflix can absorbs it, never shows it up and it's gone.

It would be a worst-case, but for free is something that is unstoppable. Think about everyone that wants can upload it on youtube.

All opportunities will be explored as this develops.

A cool opening would be this:

And then: This is how the things get started and the story begins.

But I think then it would be not a documentary at all :D

Haha. I think the latest Matrix film ruined all the Matrix references. 😂

I'm happy I didn't watch it :)

So I can be in my bubble :P

You will be fine if you dont.

I didn't make that point, or any point.

Who owns the rights?

That's the point and it's a good one.

That's a question. ;)


See, now you get it. 2 + 2 = Hand. The answer isn't so obvious to most.

You see, the Hive community becomes Executive Producer of this film the moment the proposal passes.

2 + 2 = Hand


the finished product could be licensed and distributed via $HIVE NFT's being purchased then issued for the reproduction, licensing etc etc. Could make it extra funky by giving a discount or other incentive to any distributor or licensee by giving them a discount when they purchase their licensing/ distribution NFT's using the $HIVE or $HBD cryptocurrencies.