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RE: Hive Documentary Film PROPOSAL // VOTE

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@lordbutterfly I own a rental house for light & grip equipment near Munich. Hit me up if u need some gear. I also work as a gaffer. Would love to be part of the team.


Thx for the offer but youre out of reach by a 1000 km. :)
Gear wont be an issue.

Well depends on where you are I could make a funny road trip out of it, my wife is an actress actually. So where is this going to happen?

That'd shave off a lot of the budget. Lighting equipment can be real pricey. Several hundred a day for a single skypanel, $50 or so for a c stand for a day. Piles up real fast.

Even 3 day long productions on short films have budgets of about 20k with huge crews; most of that money going on lighting gear that isn't even used. Music videos are done on even tighter budgets and those come out very nice.

I work as a spark/gaffer too but I doubt I'd be of any use on something like this over in the UK.

@namiks well of course I got some SkyPanels in my rental but there are more cost efficient options which do basically the same. I like to say "less is more" and most of the times this is right because than you really think of what you could achieve with just one or two lights. Whatever, I give you a C-Stand for €5,- a day and this price is decreasing with the total amount rental days. Namiks do you know if there is an actual hive-community of filmmakers – i mean real filmmakers, not the one who buys himself a dslr and a cheap LED light and calls himself a cinematographer?! :D

So the HIVE documentary will be shot in UK? Well I have never been there, that would be a great opportunity.

Hey Ben :D whats up?

heyy well i hope we gonna shoot a music video soon right?

working on it