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RE: Hive Documentary Film PROPOSAL // VOTE

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I dont know what country this will be made in, in the USA it's not libel or slander to correctly and factually show how justin sun corrupted people and stole funds using exchanges stake.

Maybe where you are they cant say something unless it's been out through court? I dont see how you could be sued in the USA at least for being factual(otherwise tons of youtubers would be locked up). A video on YouTube and a movie are the same video medium, so if your country allows youtubers to say what they want for the most part you would be ok right?

I'm asking for clarification purposes before I decide to vote because portraying JS as anything other than the thief he is wouldnt be right. The proofs on the blockchain.

I love this idea though and probably will vote yes anyway.


I think people misunderstood me.
We will not hide what happened in any way but we will not be using words like "criminal, crook, liar, nobodies, etc." Or passing judgement on legality.
Something some people want to do.

We want to make a quality film, not create Hive propaganda. That propaganda being true or not doesnt matter.

Thanks for the response. I know that it can be different laws for different countries, I just saw that you are not in the USA.Defmation in the USA is almost impossible to successfully sue someone for, for example. Was just curious :)

And yeah, that makes sense to not use certain words.