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RE: PC gaming the future of Hollywood?

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Imagine as an actor, being literally part of that world, instead of standing within a wall of green and having to imagine everything.

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I would think it would make a huge difference. It does look a bit ridiculous.



But on a serious note: I loved the Mandalorian. Without spoiling, the ending of season 2 was exactly what Star Wars needed.

I actually just finished watching Episode V and VI yesterday and the day before, since my gf never watched the original trilogy (I know, I know - next will be preloges), and even though the graphics have obviously aged, the amount of story, heart and soul that was put into the movies and the way the sequels literally destroyed the characters whole generations of ppl loved (Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, 3PO, etc).

There are a few videos on youtube about the orginal plans George had for 7-9. 1-3 were about Anakin, 4-6 about Luke and 7-9 should have been about Leia. I even saw a few references in Episode VI about Leia becoming a Jedi.

Anyway, I really hope (& believe) Jon Favreau and ‎Dave Filoni‎ save Star Wars.

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