My first thoughts on the Sand Man !

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I came across this new fantasy drama on Netflix today. Although the genre is not my exact cup of tea, I figured to give it a chance since it's produced by Warner Bros and it had an average rating on IMDB of 8.1!

For something available on Netflix that is pretty rare, lmao.

Oh yeah, Charles Dance is also on the trailer. I love that old dude and I find it hard to resist him!

Sandman is based on the comic book of the same name by DC comics, which I have never heard of before, so I didn't have any expectations prior to clicking the play button.

Here's the synopsis from wiki:

In 1916, Dream / Morpheus, the king of dreams and one of the seven Endless, is captured in an occult ritual. After being held captive for 106 years, Morpheus escapes and sets out to restore order to his kingdom of the Dreaming.

So far, I have finished the first two episodes of the 10 available.

As I said the genre isn't exactly my cup of tea, but so far I enjoy what I have seen. I like the story, the character building, the pacing etc etc. My only problem is with the cgi that often felt a bit cheap to me, but I have a feeling that was intentional to give "dreamy" vibes to fit the whole concept better.... Or they were just cheap fucks, lmao.

Dunno if it stays true to the comics, not that I give a shit😂

Anyways, I'll go watch episode 3 now, hopefully the Sandman won't become the Poopman midway through 🙈💩


I just started it, today man, I've got to say that it has some potential but I'm not completely caught up with the series yet. I hope that in the next episodes things would be much more interesting. Also, I didn't have a clue that the series is based on actual comics from DC! Pretty interesting IMO!
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Hahahaha, thank god you exist in this world! Maybe you should find a girlfriend and get a life 😂😂

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I admit I was skeptical on this one myself. After watching the first episode however I do want to go back and watch more. While it doesn't have me glued to needing to watch the next episode its great for a nice night time before bed episode that feels fulfilling unlike the mindless junk that's been coming out recently.

I also just started seeing The Sandman. The first episode was quite intriguing. I mean, they were exploring uncharted territory in the film industry, delving into mythology and fusing it with magic and all.

So far so good, it seems to be doing well. I although cannot ignore the many times the movies portray things that eventually contradict themselves. It is however entertaining, so I am sticking with it for now.

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No, I'm not.

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CGI is quite expensive, but I guess with a movie of that budget and calibre, they should be doing something better than what they've done.

I've seen this but have resisted so far. Netflix made stuff has been letting everyone down for a while now

the poopman sounds like a way more interesting character


It had an average rating on IMDB of 8.1!

8.1 on IMDB doesn't seem like average though.

Sandman is based on the comic book of the same name by DC Comics, which I had never heard of before, so I didn't have any expectations prior to clicking the play button.

If its DC then its probably average.

well, I think it will just be average tho in my opinion.

Keep us posted

Good IMDB but meh story.

Finish and tell me is worth looking into it :D

I watched Indiana jones ( first part) today. Was better than I remembered it.


Ohhh nostalgia. You must be old!


Never heard of the sandman in comics. I’ll wait for your synopsis before I give it a try.

After the trailer I have to say that the series is also not my cup of tea, although I'm more on the old school trip and really have fun with classics from the 80s.

If you're in the mood for a nostalgia trip, I highly recommend "The Breakfast Club", which will surely feature the type of student you used to be^, and you'll surely love John Bender. xD

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The Sandman trailers looks ordinary. But then it can be a good story to it. After one episode shall know if it's watchable !


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Will it be possible if you give an update after the next few episodes? Won't want it to be like another Walking Dead, rocks at the start but dead boring at the end. I will catch it if you think it is good! Haha

Looks interesting. The guy with the mouths for eyes is a little spooky.

What's with you and your obsession with poop/shit? 😅

I love Charles Dance too, such a pleasure to watch, that man 😎. I decided to watch Sandman too but I haven't begun.

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