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Another good mini series I happened to watch on Netflix is Biohackers, with one season released so far and only 6 episodes. The series is a German production released last August and we are waiting for the second season to air when... I don't know 😅

The plot revolves around Mia, a freshman medical student who delves into biohacking technology in her pursuit of discovering what caused her brother's death years ago. In the meantime, she gets to know Jasper, a biology student, and also manages to work for one of her professors who experiments with some not so innocent DNA technology. Mia is determined to get to the end and find out why she had to lose her brother and avenge his death, is she going to make it? You need to watch it for yourselves!

IMDB gives it a 6.7/10 rating, which I can say is pretty fair. Nice plot, nice acting, suspense and ethical dilemmas in a techno-thriller (as wikipedia calls it). I also enjoyed the optimistic student years atmosphere, watching friendships build and the leading actors/actresses all motivated by their urge to reach a personal end that justifies (?) the means...



I take a look


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