Are you series? BLOODRIDE

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If you're looking for something quick to watch, Bloodride on Netflix is a good choice. It's a Norwegian anthology series with just six half-hour episodes. Each episode tells a complete dark story (guess what, that's why I really really liked it!)

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The story begins with a bus driving through the night and every episode narrates the story of one the passengers. Different and macabre every episode will fill your time when you don't have a lot of time or energy to watch TV but still need something to entertain you.

Among the episode list, I enjoyed the Three Sick Brother and The elephant in the room. This series reminded me of my dark writings, which I have missed but unfortunately life leaves me no time and energy to keep writing.

The series gets 6.4/10 stars on IMDB, which is fair enough. Nothing extraordinary, but definitely worthwhile.


It sounds interesting, may be an interesting pastime for me when am less busy. I'll check it out

Wuhu, this, I really gotta see - especially if it's a Norwegian series! I have never heard of it here in Norway lol! "Du er fullstendig gal"! 😄

I love anthology series and will be checking this one out soon. Have you seen Black Mirror? It is in my opinion the best anthology series of the decade. If you like horror then American Horror Story is a good choice too. Tomorrow Netflix will be releasing season 2 of Love, Death & Robots which is a great animated anthology series covering different genres.

Thanks for mentioning your favorite episodes btw.