Superstore - A nice surprise

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I know there is at least one other post about Superstore in this community because that's how I found out about it, but since I recently finished watching it, I wanted to share my own impressions.

I'm a huge fan of sitcoms that take place in a work environment. I'm not sure know why, I just am. It's no wonder that my favorite sitcom of all times by a mile is The Office.

Anyway, even though Superstore is a lot different from The Office, it was still a nice surprise to me.

It has a good set of main characters backed up by some solid recurring support ones. The screenplay is no masterpiece but it does a decent job mixing comedy, drama, and a few political issues as well. One thing that I found particularly interesting about it is that it was the first show I saw that actually portraits the COVID situation. I don't really know how to describe the feeling, but it was an interesting thing to see for the first time.

Not a must-watch but also not a waste of your time if you are into sitcoms and feel like going through all the 5 seasons of it.


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Fico feliz em ter gostado de superstore

Eu estou aguardando a quinta temporada disponibilizar aqui no prime.

Ele já aparece, mas para o Brasil ainda não da para assistir. E eu não to afim de baixar haha

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Hahaha sim, normalmente eu esperaria também.. mas estava com uma certa pressa de finalizar essa logo hehehe

I've see bits of it as my wife watches it on Netflix and I laughed a bit. There are so many sitcoms out there. US shows generally have a lot more episodes than the UK ones and I don't find the time to watch many.


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