Squid game, over hyped or worth it?

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This weekend I binged Squid games with @katiolus and I was really worried that this would be just a super over-hyped tv series. Well, my verdict is that I really really liked it!

It's amazing how we all can fall in love in a TV series in a foreign language, no famous actors etc. The squid game really shows us that the most important is the story. And here it's presented amazingly

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Overhyped. Story and character choices were unrealistic, violence and constant headshots each episdoe were just exploitive and didn't add to story. After every episode I felt depressed by the end. I waded through it thinking that there would be something redeeming eventually as it was #1 on netflix, but it was a false hope. For those who haven't seen it, I guarantee you can find something better to watch.

After every episode I felt depressed by the end.

I think this is what made the show what it is. They didn't find a way to maneuver things into the happy ending that a lot of shows do, instead of giving me the sad truth that I thought wouldn't happen, but it does.

Perhaps that is why I didn't enjoy it: in each episode I anticipated the unhappy ending so I found the show very predictable.

That's very true!

Interesting view!