Are you series? FREUD (A Netflix historical fiction show)

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As I continue my reviews with more German productions, Freud is another Netflix series I happened to watch during the first Covid lockdown in Greece, last March. It was released on March 23rd 2020 and the whole show was filmed in Prague.

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The story is about young Sigmund Freud and his unorthodox methods of solving crimes performed by a weird conspiracy. In his pursuit for the truth he uses hypnotism, drugs and a mysterious beautiful woman who has the gift of being a psychic. Although IMDB gives it a 6.5/10 stars rating, I found it quite lame. The production was very good, the acting was great as well, but I thought of the story as a little far-fetched, I think I'd prefer it without Freud's name being involved. I watched the whole season though, because there is a certain dose of mystery that makes you want to see the crime solved. Plus, I loved the protagonist's voice and I also happen to like listening to German (as I get to freshen up my language skills).

The series has only one season with 8 episodes that each lasts less than an hour, a mini-series basically, so it's a nice watch if you just want something to pass the time without having to think too much. Moreover, you get to see a few of Freud's ideas mix up with some fiction, mystery and "darkness" and of course the sensational scenes are not missing from the show.


We're busy watching Dark now on your recommendation @ruth-girl - need to put Pan's Labyrinth! on my watch list now.

What's the best series you've watched during the lockdowns?

I haven't really watched TV since moving last year, except for that one time to see if I had set up all the cables correctly.

I'd say Dark!

We didn't use our tv either in the past years, except for some Saturday movie nights, but these lockdowns have given us so much free time... 😝😝

Hello @ruth-girl I hope you are well :) There are so many 'historical' series on netflix now, I use the word 'historical' pretty loosely as any releveance to the times , atitdues or morays of the actual evens and times are missing lol, but it seems such a popular genre now. I've not see this, but to be fair, I mainly watch content creators now, it's so hard to watch scripted genre pieces anymore, I guess it's just part of the times?

Hope you are hanging in there I our new world.

We also enjoy watching in another language - mostly Spanish. Learning a bit of Dutch now so should watch in Dutch.

I love the sound of Spanish! It's been a dream to learn it some day. I remember I liked Mirage and The invisible guest... Oh, and I shouldn't forget my favourite Spanish movie, Pan's Labyrinth!

Dutch sounds tiring and difficult to me, good luck learning it!! I really don't know how you do it.

I'm quite enjoying it now - just takes some getting into. Lots of similarities to Afrikaans one of the official S African languages.


Hey @ruth-girl, here is your HYPNO ;)

I've heard it is 8 episodes
I like miniseries like this one
I remember the last mini-series I watched, the Chernobyl series, and it was really cool

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